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Summer zal de engelse stem door van de studio 100 film ‘Ella Bella Bingo’

The English voice cast for the upcoming animated feature from Studio 100 Film and Kool Produktion includes Benjamin Plessala, Tress MacNeille, Richard Kind, Fred Tatasciore and Chris Sullivan.
Child actors Summer Fontana (The Originals, Dark Phoenix) and Jack Fisher (Agents of SHIELD) have joined the English voice cast of Ella Bella Bingo, a 3D animated feature from Norwegian directors Atle Solberg Blakseth and Frank Mosvold.

Fontana will lend her voice to the lead character, Ella Bella, who is best friends with Henry (Fisher). But everything changes when a new boy moves into the neighborhood.

Filling out the English voice cast are Benjamin Plessala (Big Little Lies), Tress MacNeille (Tiny Toon Adventures), Richard Kind (Inside Out), Fred Tatasciore (Family Guy) and Chris Sullivan (This is Us).

Studio 100 Film and Kool Produktion are co-producing Ella Bella Bingo, which is set to be finished by December. Studio 100 is handling international sales of the title at the American Film Market.

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Would Michael Malarkey ever return to The Vampire Diaries universe?

The 36-year-old actor told ET — while promoting season two of his latest show, Project Blue Book — that he would be up for reprising his role as Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John on the TVD spinoff,Legacies.

“Sure. Call me,” Malarkey said. “I’d come in and do that, play with my old friends. I mean, Atlanta’s a great city. I absolutely loved living there and working with that team down there. It was a special time in my life, so I wish them all the best.”

And as his Project Blue Book co-star, Aidan Gillen, added, “Vampires can always come back.”

Vampire Diaries fans know that anti-hero Enzo ultimately died in the last season of The CW series after Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) extracted his heart. After his death, Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham), who had a relationship with Enzo, created her own dimension where he helped her with her grief and anger. He later asked her to let him go so that he could save her, as well as twins Lizzie and Josie, who star on Legacies.

In November, Ian Somerhalder, who starred on the Julie Plec-created series as Damon Salvatore, also told ET that he would love to go back to Mystic Falls.

“I actually would love to talk to Jules. I would love to go and direct one of [the Legacies episodes],” Somerhalder told ET. “Because I know Paul went to do it and he called me and he’s like, ‘Bro, this is f**king crazy.’ Because it’s all of our old sets, which is a time warp, 10 years ago. He’s just going, ‘Dude!’ He was actually kind of emotional about it. He goes, ‘This is crazy!'”

Malarkey, meanwhile, is focusing on his History series. Project Blue Book, based on the real-life investigations conducted by the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1969, focused its first season on Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s (Gillen) introduction to the world of UFOs as he and his partner, Capt. Michael Quinn (Malarkey) learned the delicate balancing act of what to tell the public — and what to tell the government — about their investigations. The first season covered a few high-profile cases, but none with the same name recognition as Roswell or Area 51, which are featured in season two’s first three episodes.

“It is bigger and better,” Malarkey said of Project Blue Book season two. “But I feel like it’s also much more nuanced and fine-tuned as a machine. We’ve really hit our stride and our sweet spot as far as how we can tell these stories.”

“Roswell is still — we’re still unraveling this. There’s still books being written about it, new takes. And the thing with Roswell is almost everybody who was an actual witness is pretty much dying out. So, you have secondary witnesses or sons relaying information that their dads told them or things like that,” he added. “I think the way we visit Roswell is in a similar way of rewinding or going back and reanalyzing, opening back up this case, and I think it’s such a clever way to kick off the series.”

Season two of Project Blue Book premieres Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History.

InterviewsLegaciesMichael MalarkeyTV Series

At the end of the History Channel‘s inaugural season of “Project Blue Book,” extra terrestrials hover over the Washington Monument, a nod to the real-life “Washington Flap” UFO incident of 1952. The series is based on the real-life Project Blue Book, a series of studies on unidentified flying objects, revolving around secret U.S. Air Force investigations into supposed UFO encounters undertaken by astrophysics professor—and eventual ufologist—Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aiden Gillen) in the 1950s and 1960s. Together with Air Force Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey), the two investigate sightings across the U.S. Haute Living chatted with Malarkey, a British-American actor and musician who’s otherwise known for playing the role of Enzo in the series “The Vampire Diaries” about what to expect from the series’ second season and whether he, like Captain Quinn, has had a real-life alien encounter of his own.

How has your character, Captain Michael Quinn, evolved in his thinking and loyalty from season one to season two?
Over the course of Season 1, we saw Quinn start to question the real purpose of Project Blue Book and the Air Force’s involvement in the UFO phenomenon. Quinn becomes much more aware of the conspiracy through Season 2, though he is still on the fence as to whether it would be a good idea for the masses to know this sort of information or not. The events that take place during Season 2 push him into a place where he gets to questioning why he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s at a point of awakening, in a way, and because of that there’s always this element of unpredictability and danger with him. It’s a multi-layered and high-stakes journey this season for Quinn.

What makes Captain Michael Quinn different from any other character you’ve played before?
This is the first time I’ve played someone in the Air Force, so I was excited to delve into that world and to rewire myself in that way. The things Quinn would have seen during the war caused a lot of people to lose their minds and of course too many to lose their lives – and he’s carrying that with him all the time; the things he’s seen. He doesn’t let his guard down much and, I think, has a hard time allowing others in because of that. Quinn may be suave and sharp, but he’s also deeply wounded. People who have experienced the atrocities of war, killed people and have had people killed in front of them have a much different experience of reality and understanding of the fragility of life.

Fans have really been loving the on-screen relationship between you and Dr. Allen Hynek. They even came up with the name #HyneQuinn. What do you think it is about this unconventional pair that fans are really loving?
HyneQuinn…it’s complicated? People have always enjoyed watching ‘odd couple’ relationships like this. The contrast in character keeps things in balance. Though, it’s not your stereotypical ‘brains and brawn’ type of thing even though that’s what it may look like on the tin. Both Quinn and Hynek are clever and unorthodox in their own ways. They’re also very independent and have very strong internal compasses – at times complimentary and at other times conflicting – and care deeply about the truth, so there’s always this intensity to everything they do. These are two men in the 50’s we’re talking about as well, so they’re always impeccably dressed, and I think that also helps add to the allure of the pairing.
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Daniel’s netflix serie ‘Virgin River’ is door de streamingsdienst vernieuwd voor een tweede seizoen, het is nog niet bekend wanneer deze zal verschijnen.

Daniel GilliesTV Series

Claire is gecast in de nieuwe sci-fi thriller ‘The Portal’!

Claire Holt (“The Originals”, “47 Meters Down”) is headed back into the spooky realm for a new sci-fi thriller titled “The Portal”.

The Blue Fox Entertainment release, no doubt being shopped at EFM this week, sees the Australian actress “play one of two scientists who build a particle accelerator to capture a dying human’s energy and return it. Everything goes to plan but during the process a black hole is opened, allowing a creature to enter their locked-down lab. The duo then have to survive not only a creature but a traitorous colleague.”

Claire HoltFilms

Ian zal te gast zijn op FACTS Spring 2020 Conventie, op zaterdag 4 en zondag 5 april, in Flanders Expo Gent. Hij zal er beide dagen beschikbaar zijn voor fotoshoots, signeersessies en panels.

Kijk de website van de organisator voor verdere informatie.

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Er is een nieuwe trailer verschenen voor Kat’s film ‘Cut Throat City’, deze zal op 14 maart in premiere gaan tijdens het South by Southwest Film Festival n op 10 april wereldwijd uitkomen. De promotie van de film begon al in 2018 toen Kat samen met de cast de San Diego Comic-Con conventie bezocht.

Galerij Links:
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De trailer van Nina’s nieuwe film ‘Run This Town’ is verschenen, enkele nieuwe foto’s staan in de galerij. Het is nog niet bekend wanneer deze uitkomt, vorig jaar was de film al te zien op enkele film festivals.

Galerij Links:
http//: Posters
http//: Movie Stills
http//: Behind The Scenes

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De eerste trailer van Kat’s opkomende film “Emperor” is verschenen, de film verschijnt op 27 maart in de Amerikaanse Bioscopen.

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The Originals alum Charles Michael Davis has returned to the Big Easy, with a series regular role on CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans.

Beginning with the Sunday-bound procedural’s March 8 episode, Davis will play Quentin Carter, a “charming, confidant, even justifiably cocky” Special Agent who transfers to the NOLA office at Pride’s request.

As such, he will help fill the void left by Special Agent Christopher “Country Mouse” Lasalle, who was shockingly killed off six episodes into Season 6.

“We knew we needed someone exciting who could challenge the team — and Pride (played by Scott Bakula),” NCIS: New Orleans executive producer Christopher Silber told TV Insider, which broke the casting news. “Quentin has this history of moving from post to post, doing great things, but then pissing someone off and getting moved again.”

In addition to his run as The Originals‘ Marcel, CMD’s many TV credits include Chicago P.D., For the People, Grey’s Anatomy, The Game and Younger, where he still plays Zane Anders.

Off the air since mid-December, NCIS: Orleans will resume Season 6 on Feb. 16 — in a brand-new, Sundays-at-10/9 time slot — with an episode in which the team grows concerned when Sebastian becomes unreachable while undercover as a new recruit.

Charles Michael DavisTV Series