Enkele castleden waren 2 weken geleden in Parijs voor de The Blood Legacy convention.

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Phoebe was afgelopen week bij de premiere van haar nieuwe Netflix serie “Boy Swallows Universe” in Brisbane, Australië. De serie is vanaf vandaag op de streamingsdienst te zien!

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Kayla is joined by dear friend and actor, Danielle Campbell, to talk all (well, most) things about her engagement, her transformative time on Broadway during the pandemic, and how she’s still figuring out her philosophy on her own image on social media. Danielle brings with her all the wisdom and maturity she’s had to nurture for herself after working on projects since childhood which she shares all that and more in this episode.

Er zijn nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd van Phoebe’s nieuwe serie ‘Boy Swallows Universe’, deze zal vanaf 11 januari te zien zijn op Netflix.

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Nina siert de cover van de januari 2024 editie van de Numero Netherlands.

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Actress, writer and producer Nina Dobrev has established herself as one of the fastest rising leading ladies in Hollywood, amassing an impressive resume of diverse and memorable TV and film roles. Next up, Nina will seen in the action thriller ‘The Bricklayer’, which will be released on 5th January.

Nina, you’ll be starring in the upcoming action thriller ‘The Bricklayer’, coming out in just a few days. What can you tease about the film, its story and your character?
The film is a very high-paced, action packed sort of thriller. I just watched it actually for the first time and Renny Harlin is really good at action movies. It’s what he does best and he really knows how to shoot every angle to make it as suspenseful and exciting as possible. This story is in a way like a classic, we’ve seen it before. It’s about a man who’s been through life and is very jaded. My character, who’s earlier on in her journey in life and in her career, is excited and hopeful and naive. And so the two characters together, watching that dynamic was really fun for me to see and to experience. What drew me to the project was my character’s arc from the beginning because she really changes a lot. She starts off as one person and at the end of the movie is a different kind of person. I just felt there’s a lot of mystery suspense, there’s a lot of trickery and secret. It’s a very international film and that was also another thing that was really exciting. We were shooting in Greece and in Europe and that was my first time filming a movie in Europe, so it was really cool.
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Nina is bezig om haar nieuwe film ‘The Bricklayer’ te promoten, meer video’s worden toegevoegd zodra ze verschijnen. Ze was ze o.a. ook te gast bij The Talk.

Phoebe siert de cover van de januari 2024 editie van de Australische editie van Harper’s Bazaar ter promotie van haar nieuwe Netflix serie ‘Boy Swallows Universe’.

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Phoebe Tonkin spent her early years in the fantasy-television genre. Now, at 34, she’s ready for her close-up as a dramatic actor via grittier roles, none more so than Frankie Bell in ‘Boy Swallows Universe.’

SOMETIME OVER THE COURSE of last summer, Phoebe Tonkin reinvented herself. herself. She was in Brisbane shooting Boy Swallows Universe, the new Netflix limited-series adaptation of Australian journalist Trent Dalton’s best-selling debut novel. It’s a coming-of-age story loosely based on his real-life experiences growing up in ’80s Brisbane, embedded in an underworld of heroin dealers and drug lords and their terrifying, scar-faced enforcers. Tonkin had been cast in the role of Frankie Bell.

Pre-shoot, Tonkin had already devoured films about drug users, such as The Basketball Diaries, Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream, along with letters written by addicts to their families. But then, after every day of shooting on Boy Swallows Universe, she spent the nights trying to go deeper and deeper under Frankie’s skin, immersing herself in books (and podcasts) about trauma, addiction, sobriety and healing — from authors such as Bessel van der Kolk, Brené Brown and Gabor Maté.

“It was truly the best six months of my life — the first time in my career that I could really relax on a longer shoot. I’d also just finished another film, so I was kind of running on steam,” reflects Tonkin via Zoom from “my childhood bedroom in my childhood home” in Mosman, a suburb on Sydney’s affluent Lower North Shore. It’s just days after the end of the protracted SAG-AFTRA strike and Tonkin is finally able to talk about a role that could be, if not career-defining, then at the very least the switch to make the film industry sit up and take notice of her.

“It was probably more abstract research than I’ve ever done,” she continues. “It just felt so important to me to do this right and to honour these characters. I was doing all this research about people who’d faced adversity and overcome hardships. It was almost like a six-month vacation for my mind, because I would go to work and then, at night, I was nourishing myself with positivity from the podcasts and books that were so important to me for shaping the character of Frankie. But then [I] took on all those messages subliminally. I kind of came out of it [as] this really evolved version of myself.”

The role shows the depth of Tonkin’s range as a dramatic actor, arguably for the first time in her 18-year career, the first 12 of which were dominated by back-to-back roles in the teen-skewed fantasy-TV genre, variously channelling her inner mermaid, witch, vampire and werewolf.
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Op 26 janauri zal het derde en laatste seizoen van Riley’s serie ‘Hightown’ verschijnen op de Amerikaanse streamingsdienst Starz.

Michael Trevino heeft zijn vriendin Bregje Heien op kerstavond ten huwelijk gevraagd tijdens een vakantie naar Amsterdam! Het stel is al ruim 2 jaar samen.

Het lijkt erop dat Candice aan het daten is met ‘The Originals’ acteur Steven Kreuger (Josh). In een recap video van 2023 op haar instagramaccount zijn de twee zoenend te zien.