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Ik heb vele nieuwe outtakes en fotoshoots van Riley toegevoegd in de galerij, vele fotoshoots zijn van enkele jaren geleden toen ze als model werkte!

Galerij Links:
http//: Amanda Elkins (Bello Magazine)

FotoshootsRiley Voelkel

Er zijn enkele nieuwe fotoshoots en outtakes van al eerdere fotoshoots verschenen van de cast!

Galerij Links:
http//: Amanda Elkins (Bello Magazine)
http//: Amanda Elkins
http//: Catherine Powell (NKD Magazine)
http//: Emily Knecht
http//: Show Me Your Mumu
http//: Show Me Your Mumu

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Nina heeft op afstand enkele nieuwe fotoshoots gehad, hiervoor had ze ook interview met tijdschriften Allure en Vogue.

Galerij Links:
http//: Allure
http//: Eric Davidson
http//: Nicole Cogan (Vogue)

FotoshootsInterviewsNina Dobrev

Ik heb de nieuwste fotoshoots in de galerij toegevoegd.

Galerij Links:
http//: Ben Watts (Cosmopiltan)
http//: Ben Watts (Womans Health)
http//: Fallon Wilson
http//: Hero Bean Stevenson (Rose INC)
http//: Matthew Sprout (La Ligne NYC)
http//: Mehdi Sef (Harper’s Bazaar China)
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Sam Marquart

Candice KingFotoshootsKaterina GrahamKayla EwellNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPhoebe Tonkin

Ian heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad met Timeless Magazine.

Galerij Links:
http//: Flaunt Magazine

FotoshootsIan Somerhalder

Er zijn enkele nieuwe outtakes en fotoshoots toegevoegd van de cast.

Galerij Links:
http//: Flaunt Magazine
http//: John Russo (Treats! Magazine)
http//: Koury Angelo (The Hollywood Reporter)
http//: Men’s Health Tech Guide 2017
http//: Noam Ekhaus
http//: Show Me Your Mumu

Candice KingCastFotoshootsKaterina GrahamMichael MalarkeyNina DobrevPaul Wesley

Kat was vorige maand te gast bij de IMDB Show om haar nieuwe films ‘Cut Trought City’ en ‘Emperor’ te promoten

Galerij Links:
http//: March 12: IMDB Show
http//: Rich Polk (IMDB Show Portraits)

AppereancesFotoshootsInterviewsKaterina Graham

Phoebe staat op de cover van Stellar Magazine met een nieuwe fotoshoot.

Galerij Links:
http//: Stellar Magazine

It was around the age of 11 that something clicked in Phoebe Tonkin, Australian actor, model and bona fide superstar in the eyes of anyone under 30. Shy and withdrawn, she nonetheless had her sights set on becoming a journalist when she grew up.

But, somewhat ironically, there was something about the stage that allured her. Already trained as a dancer, taking classes from the age of four, it was now the world of drama that drew her interest with courses at Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) in her Sydney hometown.

“I never wanted to be an actor,” Tonkin tells Stellar. “I just wanted to tell stories.” Even today, she says, “If there is any outlet where I can do that, then I will find any way to be creative.”

Take her Instagram account, where the actor and activist – she is a passionate feminist and staunch environmentalist – shares with her 5.4 million followers as many photographs of herself and her friends as she does news and updates about the causes that matter to her most.

“When you look at Instagram as a platform to reach people, it’s a little like having a newspaper,” she explains. “I use the opportunity to share information or direct people to some charity or organisation. It would feel very strange to have that level of responsibility and not use it for a good purpose.”
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FotoshootsPhoebe Tonkin

Claire heeft op instagram laten weten in verwachting te zijn van haar tweede kind. In december liet ze nog bij een geplaatste foto weten dat ze niet in verwachting was maar laat via haar stories weten dat dit niet waar was :) Claire en haar man Andrew hebben al een zoontje James die net 1-jaar is geworden.

We are proud to announce Australian Actress Phoebe Tonkin as our newest Ambassador, honouring our incredible craftswomen, as the first female given the official title in the brand’s 88-year history. This is a celebration of the strength of the key female personalities at the heart of R.M.Williams, both past and present. Phoebe joins Boots Ambassador Hugh Jackman as international face and spokesperson in their Undeniable Character campaign.

Launched with Hugh Jackman in 2019, Undeniable Character brings to life the enduring quality of R.M.Williams through the stories of our people, processes and products. Honouring the tenets of grit, tenacity and a pioneering spirit, Undeniable Character champions the qualities within that mirror the characteristics of Reginald Murray Williams himself.

We are thrilled to have a female addition to the Undeniable Character family who celebrates the strong women who have been part of the brand since the beginning. As one of Australia’s new wave of personalities, Phoebe represents a new generation of Australian spirit and the very traits that define the brand’s DNA – strength, tenacity, exploration and humility.

Her Undeniable Character took her from a childhood acting in Sydney to acclaimed Hollywood performances. It also brought her to our Adelaide workshop where she met our craftsmen and women, who presented her a one of a kind pair of handcrafted boots.

Watch the video to see our Undeniable Character, Phoebe Tonkin, meeting our Master Craftsman.

Galerij Links:
http//: R.M.Williams
http//: R.M.Williams – Behind The Scenes

FotoshootsPhoebe Tonkin

Er zijn enkele nieuwe outtakes verschenen van Candice en Kayla’s fotoshoot voor de nieuwe collectie van Show Me Your Mumu.

Galerij Links:
http//: Show Me Your Mumu

Candice KingFotoshootsKayla Ewell

De cast van ‘Rosswell, New Mexico’ en ‘Legacies’ waren aanwezig op het SCAD aTVfest in Antlanta.

Galerij Links:
http//: February 28:SCAD aTVfest 2020 – ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Panel
http//: February 29: SCAD aTVfest 2020 – ‘Legacies’ Panel
http//: Mackenzie Stroh (SCAD aTVfest 2020 Portraits)

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Riley promootte begin dit jaar haar nieuwe serie ‘Hightown’. Klik op meer om ook de trailer van de serie te bekijken.

Galerij Links:
http//: January 14: 2020 Winter TCA Press Tour – ‘Hightown’ Panel
http//: January 14: STARZ A “Who Shot Ghost” Murder Mystery Event
http//: JSquared – 2020 TCA Portraits

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Phoebe heeft een interview gehad met 10 Magazine Australia, ook zal ze binnenkort weer te zien zijn in een promotiecampagne voor kledingmerk D Ô E N.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2×14 – There’s a Place Where the Lost Things Go
http//: D Ô E N – Achter de schermen

She is the one. We love her on screen (check out that IMDb profile) and she is even better in real life. Her heart of gold and passion inspires us to make changes to the way we live. So, as members of her audience we applaud and give a standing ovation.

How are you using your voice to urgently help effect change?

Learning, reading, processing and sharing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful, but I am focusing on solutions rather than panic. Having such a large platform to share ideas and encourage others to use their own voices and platforms is something I feel very fortunate to have. I do feel like it’s my responsibility to use social media in a way that is both positive and inspiring.

What five words would you choose for your protest banner?
Please don’t fuck this up.
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FotoshootsPhoebe Tonkin

Ik heb zoveel mogelijk foto’s van Michael’s optredens tijdens zijn ‘Graveracer’ tour door Europa toegevoegd. Zelf kon ik dit keer wel bij zijn concert in Amsterdam en wat kan hij mooi zingen! Bekijk hier een review van zijn optreden in de Melkweg en hier een interview dat hij had. Tussen de optreden door had hij ook nog enkele fotoshoots voor de pers.

Galerij Links:
http//: ‘Graveraver’ Tour foto’s
http//: Eva van Kuik (Strife Magazine)
http//: Lotta Tolpo
http//: Woohoo Magazine

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