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Ik heb enkele nieuwe promotiefoto’s toegevoegd van Danielle’s en Paul’s serie ‘Tell Me A Story’.

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http//: Season 2: Posters
http//: Season 2: Promotionalshoot
http//: Season 2: Episode Stills

Danielle CampbellPaul WesleyTV Series

Riley VoelkelTV Series

Acteur Steven Krueger zal in het derde seizoen van ‘Roswell New Mexico’ de terugkeerden rol van Heath spelen. Hij is al een bekende voor de CW aangezien hij in ‘The Originals’ de rol van Josh vertolkte.

The Originals‘ alum Steven Krueger is returning to the CW for a recurring role on the upcoming third season of Roswell, New Mexico.

Krueger will play Heath, Liz’s ambitious colleague at a high-tech laboratory in Los Angeles. Despite his casual irreverence, which Liz finds infuriating, Heath cares deeply for his work and like Liz, is willing to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Even though Heath and Liz don’t always see eye to eye, his different approach ultimately pushes her to break her old patterns and discover new ways of looking at the world.

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Ik heb enkele foto’s en screencaptures toegevoegd van Summer’s nieuwe projecten, waaronder haar nieuwe film ‘Wish Upon A Unicorn’ die vorige maand verschenen is.

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http//: The Magicians (2020)
http//: The Outsider (2020)
http//: Wish Upon A Unicorn (2020)

FilmsSummer FontanaTV Series

Ik heb enkele nieuwe screencaptures toegevoegd van de laatste projecten van enkele castleden, waaronder Joseph in zijn nieuwe serie ‘Brave New World’

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http//: Ian – Kiss The Ground
http//: Joseph – Brave New World (S1)
http//: Kat – Cut Throat City
http//: Steven – The Warrant

FilmsIan SomerhalderJoseph MorganKaterina GrahamSteven R. McQueenTV Series

Ik heb alle screencaptures toegevoegd van het eerste seizoen van Riley’s serie ‘Hightown’. De serie is al vernieuwd voor een tweede seizoen, een release-datum is nog niet bekend maar dit zal waarschijnlijk pas in 2021 zijn.

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http//: Season 1 captures

Riley VoelkelTV Series

Ik heb enkele nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd van Phoebe in haar recente serie ‘Bloom’.

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http//: Season 1: Promotionalshoot
http//: Season 1: Episode Stills
http//: Season 2: Episode Stills
http//: Season 2: Behind The Scenes

Phoebe TonkinTV Series

Claire is te gast geweest in het Australische programma 60 minutes Australia, hierin praat ze over haar ervaring met krijgen van een miskraam en hoe ze hier openlijk over praatte om andere te kunnen helpen.

Claire HoltTV Series

Er zijn nieuwe promotiefoto’s verschenen voor Danielle en Paul’s serie ‘Tell Me A Story’. De serie in in Amerika nu te zien op The CW om de leegte op te vullen van hun originele series die vertraging op hebben gelopen door het COVID-virus. Daardoor zijn er o.a. ook wat nieuwe posters verschenen. In Nederland zijn beide seizoenen van de serie te zien op streamingsdienst Videoland.

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http//: Season 1: Posters
http//: Season 2: Posters
http//: Behind The Scenes (2020)

Danielle CampbellPaul WesleyTV Series

Ian’s nieuwste documentaire ‘Kiss The Ground’ is sinds 22 september te zien op Netflix. Bekijk hieronder de trailer, foto’s van de Drive-in screening die Ian bezocht en promotionele foto’s van de documentaire staan in de galerij.

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http//: September 17: “Kiss The Ground” Los Angeles Drive-In Special Screening
http//: Poster
http//: Promotionalshoot
http//: Movie Stills

Ian SomerhalderTV Series

Kayla is weer terug op de set van de soap ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ dit keer als stand in om intieme scenes te filmen met haar man Tanner. Door het COVID-virus kan hij namelijk deze scenes niet opnemen met zijn tegenspeelster.

Kayla Ewell is back at The Bold and the Beautiful. However, this time, the actress isn’t playing Caitlin Ramirez. She actually won’t really be playing a character at all. An idea tossed around earlier this summer is coming to fruition. Ewell, the real-life partner of actor Tanner Novlan, will stand-in for his on-screen love interest, Jacqueline MacIness Wood, for romantic scenes. Novlan plays a new character, Dr. Johh “Finn” Finnegan, while Wood is is a longtime legacy character, Steffy Forrester.

The idea first came around this summer
Because of production restrictions due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, television shows have to shoot their scenes much differently in an effort to reduce unneeded contact.

In now-viral interviews with Forbes and The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s head writer, Bradley Bell, said that they would use blow-up dolls in intimate circumstances to comply with safety guidelines. He also said that another option would be for the real-life partners of the stars to be used for kissing and romance scenes.

In an earlier interview Soaps in Depth, Novlan previously said that Ewell was down for stepping into the role as a body double. From 2004-2005, Ewell portrayed Caitlin Ramirez on the show. When she exited The Bold and the Beautiful, Ewell moved on to primetime. Over the past several years, she’s appeared in several projects like The Vampire Diaries and Me and My Grandma.

“I’ve pitched it to her and she is definitely game,” he said at the time. “It’s a fun little trivia question for years to come for that scenario to play out. If we end up going down that road, it’s gonna be pretty cool.”

Ewell is confirmed to appear
Soaps in Depth recently confirmed that Ewell would officially be on the show. Fans clocked the news before the official announcement due to a post that Ewell made on Instagram. She posted a picture with Novlan in a car and captioned it, “When Mom & Dad get to work together ❤️.” Many thought this meant she was set to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful as a Steffy stand-in.

“Can’t wait for all that smooching,” commented one person.

“Omg..she is a Steffi [sic] typ as it is. Wonderful for her,” said someone else.

Another fan added, “It’s going to be tough to spot the difference. There is a very strong resemblance to JMKW.”

Ewell would be the second person to stand-in in a scene for their partner. Katrina Bowden, who plays Flo Fulton, had her husband, Ben Jorgenson substitute in for her on-screen husband, Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt Fuller on the show.

“He was great,” Bell said to Soap Opera Digest. “He is very close to the same build, same hair color and look as Darin Brooks. When you dress him up in matching wardrobe and shoot over his back shoulder, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. You’ll never know the difference.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

Kayla EwellTV Series

De website Brieftake heeft Joseph enkele weken geleden geinterviewd over zijn rol in de serie ‘Brave New world’.

In Brief Take‘s extensive coverage of the series Brave New World, the plan wasn’t to go from an Alpha-Plus (the droll Harry Lloyd), to an Epsilon (Joseph Morgan), but here we are anyway. In fact, Morgan plays not just the Epsilon CJack60, a character not explored in the book, he also plays CJack57, (a great number of CJacks, actually), as well as a surprising character only revealed in the last episode of the series. We opened our phone call with the versatile Welsh-born actor by informing him that there’s a Brave New World poster in a bus terminal right outside of our window and that we enhanced it by adding his face to it, and in fact, adding a number of his faces, to stay within the spirit of the series. (He seemed to greatly appreciate it.)

The following is a really fun and not at all end of the line chat with the also kind of droll Joseph Morgan of Brave New World.

*Major spoilers ahead!*

Brave New World is such a cool show! What do you think of the layered reveal of this series?
You know, it’s a luxury. Having come from a background of Network TV—at least more recently—in which everything is jammed into the 42-and-a-half minutes per episode on a seven day episode schedule, it’s a luxury to have a little breathing room in the episodes and to allow moments to evolve. That scene with Harry (Lloyd) and me, in the finale, that was a very late addition to the episode. It was something that David (Wiener) wrote really a few days before we shot it. It came out of feeling this arc needed closure between the two of them, and CJack needed a turning point in which he realized that the revolution was not necessarily the good thing in which he thought and that the violence was not necessarily the way. So for me, that was the best thing about filming in that way was having the luxury to let things come out of the work like that and that’s something that you don’t get with a tighter schedule.
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Joseph MorganTV Series

Twee weken geleden begonnen de opnames voor het zesde seizoen van Torrey’s serie ‘Chigoga Med’. Helaas zijn de opnames stilgelegd nu er iemand in het productieteam postief getest is op het Covid-virus. Volgens de berichten loopt de start van het nieuwe seizoen hierdoor geen vertraging op, deze staat gepland op 11 november.

Just one week after filming started in Chicago, production on NBC’s hit drama series Chicago Med is shutting down for two weeks due to a positive COVID-19 test.

While it was not revealed who had tested positive, Deadline reported that a regular rapid test, part of the show’s new safety protocols, yielded a positive test result.
The person, said to be, ‘a production team member from a Zone A department,’ was sent home immediately. Since the individual who tested positive was in ‘close proximity’ to other cast and crew members, Wolf Entertainment has shut down production for two weeks. The positive test also ‘triggered guidelines from both the NBCU Production Playbook and state and local guidelines as well.

The first positive COVID-19 test came from a different crew member on September 24, just two days after filming began in Chicago.Production shut down midday after the positive test result was revealed, though filming resumed as scheduled the next day.Still, despite the two-week shutdown, the COVID-19 hiatus will not impact the show being delivered on time this season.

Chicago Med was the first of NBC’s trio of Chicago shows – along with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. – which are all slated to debut their new seasons on November 11. The shutdown will also not impact the start of production on both Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. starting on October 6, with all three shows filming in Chicago. All three shows were created by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt and developed under Law & Order creator Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment banner.

NBC announced in February it had handed out three-season renewals for all three of the Chicago shows, which had reached a whopping 66 million viewers combined in the 2018-2019 television season. Universal Television also inked a five-year pact with producer Dick Wolf and his Wolf Entertainment banner. Wolf Entertainment also signed a separate deal with NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock, which will be the streaming home to all of the Chicago shows and Wolf’s Law & Order franchise.

Torrey DeVittoTV Series

Ik heb nieuwe stills toegevoegd van Joseph in de serie ‘Brave New World’

Galerij Links:
http//: Season 1: Episode Stills

Joseph MorganTV Series