Paul was afgelopen juli aanwezig op de San Diego Comic-Con om zijn nieuwe serie ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ te promoten. Klik op meer om alle interview te bekijken.

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Michael heeft een interview gehad met The Wrap over zijn regie debuut voor ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, hiervoor keeg hij advies van collega Janine Manson en Julie Plec!

A little bit of advice from Julie Plec also didn’t hurt

Any actor’s directorial debut is daunting. But for “Roswell, New Mexico” star Michael Trevino, things were significantly easier thanks to his leading lady, Jeanine Mason, who apparently was “saving” him on the daily.

In Monday night’s episode, directed by Trevino, we meet Outlaw Liz (Mason). She’s a parallel version of the Liz Ortecho we’ve come to know and love, who acts on her darker impulses. Thanks to the chemical compound she inhaled, Liz is trapped in her mindscape, battling for dominance. That mindscape, of course, is an old western town, in which Liz is the sheriff, haunted by Outlaw Liz.

Mason took on double duty for the week and according to Trevino, needed very little direction from him.
“I literally was just behind the monitor, because I know how talented she is,” Trevino recalled to TheWrap. “And then I see her play this completely different character, making complete opposite choices, and they’re believable, and she’s making it look easy. And I know it’s hard, but she’s making it look so easy. I was so, so thankful for — I remember everyday just being like, ‘thank you’ because she’s saving me!”

Of course, a little advice from a seasoned vet didn’t hurt either. Because for Trevino, this directorial debut has been a long time coming — he shadowed his old “Vampire Diaries” friend Julie Plec way back on the “Roswell, New Mexico” pilot. So he made sure to pick her brain on some key aspects. But more on that shortly.

For now, Trevino is just basking in the excitement of his episode finally being out in the world.

“It’s never easy. But when it’s all said and done and you get to that final day, it all comes together? There’s no better feeling,” he said.

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Michael heeft een interview gehad met TV Fanatic over zijn regiedebuut in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’.

Roswell, New Mexico’s favorite doctor has had a hell of a season.

While Kyle Valenti continues to be an integral part of this final season, his portrayer, Michael Trevino, traded in his stethoscope for a director’s chair as he got behind the camera to helm Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 9.

It’s a twisty hour that takes viewers into a mindscape that looks much more like an episode of Gunsmoke than Roswell. We asked Michael about the hour and the differences between acting and directing. We also had to sneak in a Kybel question for all you shippers!

Michael is always a pleasure to speak with, and it’s always a good time talking to him about Roswell. Enjoy!

What did you think when you got the script and were like, this is going to be my episode because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen on Roswell?
The initial reaction was that I was so excited and grateful for how big the episode is and how they threw so much at me. And then I was terrified because I had no idea how I was going to shoot it.

So, a lot of prep went into it because there are just a lot of moving parts in this one. And I’m just grateful for the opportunity but was also just a bit nervous going in, until you do the prep and do the work and then you figure out like, “Oh, okay, this is how I’m going to tell your story.”
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Ben Levin heeft een terugkerende rol gescoord in The CW serie ‘Kung Fu’.

The CW‘s Kung Fu is adding two new cast members to its upcoming third season as Legacies alum Ben Levin and Supernatural star Kim Rhodes are joining the martial arts drama.

As reported by Deadline, Levin is set to play Bo, a barista/vigilante who lives in Oakland. His character is described as “cool, smart, and strong with a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.” He will collide with Nicky (Olivia Liang) and her siblings before eventually trying to prove himself to the Shen family and fight by Nicky’s side.

Rhodes, meanwhile, will portray Carrie, a representative for a large restaurant investment group, who is described as “blunt and funny.” Carrie’s company takes an interest in Harmony Dumplings, but Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) initially turns down the offers. However, after an unexpected friendship grows between her and Carrie, Mei-Li becomes more open to the idea of working together.

Kung Fu was developed by Christina M. Kim, who also serves as executive producer and co-showrunner alongside Robert Berens. The series premiered on The CW on April 7, 2021, and revolves around Chinese-American Nicky, who uses her martial arts skills and Shaolin values to protect her community from ongoing crime and corruption. Season 2 debuted on March 9, 2022, and was renewed for a third season that same month.

Levin most recently played Jed Tien in CW’s Legacies, where he started out as a recurring character before being promoted to series regular for the show’s final two seasons. He’s also appeared in the series Arrested Development, Love, and Time After Time.

Rhodes is known for starring in the soap operas Another World and As the World Turns. She also played Carey Martin on the Disney Channel sitcoms The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. From 2010 to 2020, she played Sheriff Jody Mills in the fantasy drama Supernatural. She’s also had recurring roles in the likes of Criminal Minds and Colony.

Ook staan er enkele foto’s van de serie in de galerij :)

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http//: Flowers in the Attic: The Origin (2022)

This is Paul Wesley like we’ve never seen him before.

With old-age make-up and gray hair, the former Vampire Diaries star transforms into the menacing Amos in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek of the finale of Flowers in the Attic: The Origin.

Amos is called in for support after his cousin Olivia Winfield Foxworth (Jemima Rooper) is rocked by the departure of her daughter Corinne (Hannah Dodd) and Corinne’s partner—and half sibling!—Christopher (Callum Kerr). “After Corinne and Christopher left, I found myself in, well, rather a dark place,” Olivia tells Amos upon his arrival to Foxworth Hall. “I suppose I was finding it increasingly difficult to find the light where it used to shine so brightly.”

Amos does his best to console her—at least initially. “A certain amount of darkness is to be expected,” he says. “You’ve suffered tremendous loss.” With Amos’ attention totally fixed on her, Olivia begins to open up even further.”I keep thinking some of it may have been my fault,” she reveals to Amos. “I should have found a way to open my heart to Corinne and Christopher.”

That’s when Amos starts to get brutally honest. “Absolutely not. You provided everything for Corinne and she chose a path of moral corruption,” he insists. “Any further contact with her would pull her into the life of sin that she has chosen to live. Whatever befalls her now is God’s way of punishing her.”

When Olivia suggests that not having Corinne in her life feels like her own punishment, Amos says, “One might ask, and certainly not me, if you have done anything that merits punishing.” There’s something off with this guy.

Based on V.C. Andrews’ 1979 novel Flowers In The Attic, the four-part Lifetime series also co-stars Harry Hamlin, Max Irons, Kate Mulgrew and Kelsey Grammer. See old Paul Wesley in the Flowers in the Attic: The Origin finale, when it airs on July 30 on Lifetime.

Kat zal te zien zijn in de 6-delige documentaire van talkshow host Trevor Noah genaamd “The Tipping Point” die o.a. zal gaan over de vlchteliingen crisis.

Trevor Noah is set to executive produce a documentary series of feature-length projects called “The Tipping Point,” which will tackle the major political and cultural issues rapidly changing America and a world on the brink.

“The Tipping Point” is a collaboration between Noah’s Day Zero Productions along with TIME Studios, Sugar23 and P&G Studios. It will focus on topics related to voting rights, civil rights, human rights, healthcare and American democracy. Each documentary will aim to dissect how we got here, what has changed and how we navigate the road going forward.

Each film will be a standalone documentary that will vary in tone between comedic, poignant, investigative and heartwarming. Noah will collaborate with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Company, as well as work with other talent featured in the series, including Angelina Jolie, Kat Graham and Lance Bass. Those films will address topics including the global refugee crisis, the consequences of the 2020 election and voting rights challenges for the LGBTQ+ community.

“I am excited to be working with TIME Studios, Sugar23 and P&G Studios on this important documentary series during one of the most fascinating and challenging periods in modern history. I hope these documentaries will act as a mirror to our society and showcase our resiliency while providing hope for the path ahead,” Noah said in a statement.

Executive producing “The Tipping Point” are Michael Sugar, Ashley Zalta and David Hillman of Sugar23, Ian Orefice and Alexa Conway of TIME Studios and Trevor Noah and Haroon Saleem of Day Zero Productions. Ashley Dizon will oversee for Day Zero Productions. Carrie Rathod, Marc Pritchard and Kimberly Doebereiner will oversee for P&G. Norman Aladjem, Derek Van Pelt and Sanaz Yamin of Mainstay Entertainment will also serve as executive producers.

“This series of documentaries is serendipitously positioned for this very moment in time. Each film in ‘The Tipping Point’ will dig deep to provide an objective and comprehensive view of what is happening, how we got here, and where it could lead. Our talented storytellers are going to take you there, and we’re thrilled to be along for the ride,” Sugar, Orefice and Saleem said in a statement.

Trevor Noah is the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. He’s also the author of “Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood,” which is a New York Times bestseller.

Noah is represented by CAA, Mainstay Entertainment, Jill Fritzo PR and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush, Kaller, & Gellman L.L.P.

Daniel is gecast in de nieuwe serie ‘The Newsreader’ voor het tweede seizoen. De serie is te zien op de streamingsdienst Roku in Australië.

Daniel Gillies, known for roles in The Vampire Diaries and Virgin Rivers, is joining the cast of Roku’s acclaimed Australian drama The Newsreader.

The Canadian-born, New Zealand-raised actor is taking a series regular role and will join the likes of Anna Torv, Sam Reid, William McInnes and Robert Taylor in the second season of the series, which is set in the cutthroat world of 1980s TV news in Melbourne, Australia.

We hear Gillies will play Charlie, whose billed as a a privileged first-born son of an aging newspaper mogul, desperate to make his own mark in the world.

Season two of the period drama is currently in production, with season one available in the U.S. through Roku, which took rights earlier this year from distributor eOne and launched it through the Roku Originals brand. Written and created by Michael Lucas (Offspring), it comes from Werner Film Productions, had major investment from Screen Australia and the ABC and was financed with support from Film Victoria.

The series stars Reid as young reporter Dale Jennings, desperate to become a newsreader, who is paired with notoriously ‘difficult’ star newsreader Helen Norville (Torv) over three months, during which time they cover an extraordinary news events— from the shock of the Challenger explosion, to the hype of Halley’s Comet, to the complexities of the AIDS crisis.

It scored more Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards nominations than any other show last year, winning Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actress in a Drama (Torv), Best Supporting Actor in a Drama (McInnes), Best Direction in a Drama or Comedy (Emma Freeman) and Best Production Design in Television (Melinda Doring).

Gillies’ credits include 2021 film Coming Home in the Dark, the creepy Sundance thriller set in New Zealand, and a recurring role in Netflix’s soapy drama Virgin River. He’s best known for his role in The CW’s long-running drama The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals.

Gillies is represented by Atlas Artist Management, Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush, Kaller, Gellman, Meigs & Fox.

De trailer van het vierde seizoen van ‘Virgin River’ op Netflix is verschenen, verwachting is dat Daniel wel in enkele afleveringen te zien zal zijn. Het nieuwe seizoen is vanaf 20 juli te zien op de streamingsdienst.

Candice heeft in een interview met TheWrap verteld over haar ervaring op de set van ‘Legacies’, zo onthult ze ook dat haar dochter Florence te zien is in één van de scenes.

The ”Vampire Diaries“ actress tells TheWrap all about her character Caroline Forbes’ surprise return

The CW’s “Legacies” ended on Thursday with not one, but two very special appearances from beloved characters.

Joesph Morgan’s Klaus Mikaelson spoke with his daughter Hope from the afterlife to let her know that he’d finally found peace — which showrunner Brett Matthews told TheWrap was an integral part of bringing the show to a close. Fans might have guessed that Morgan was making a return, after he cryptically teased it on social media, but they likely weren’t expecting the surprise return of Candice King as Caroline Forbes — a character from the original “The Vampire Diaries.”

“I hope that there was a whole bunch of people that actually get to watch it live and be totally surprised,” King told TheWrap. “That was the goal. We’ve been trying to have Caroline Forbes get back into the ‘Legacies’ world for a while now.”
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De eerste trailer voor ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ seizoen 4 is verschenen, het nieuwe seizoen begint op 6 juni op The CW.

Na 4 seizoen is er een einde gekomen aan ‘Legacies’. The CW heeft laten weten de serie niet te vernieuwen voor een nieuwe seizoen samen met 6 andere series waaronder ook ‘Roswell, New Mexico’. Ook die serie waarin o.a. Michael Trevino, Nathan Parsons, Kayla Ewell en Riley Voelkel in te zien zijn krijgt geen nieuwe seizoen. Grote reden voor het niet vernieuwen van de series is de verkoop van de zender CW die momenteel te koop staat.

here will not be a fifth season for Legacies. The CW has canceled The Originals spinoff from Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), Warner Bros. TV and CBS Studios, after four seasons.

Legacies was on the bubble, but had a slight edge due to its ties to one of the CW’s signature series, The Vampire Diaries, but ultimately the CW decided not to go forward with another season as the network has been making some tough calls as it prepares for a sale. The June 16 Season 4 finale will now serve as the series finale.

A spinoff of The Originals, Legacies features characters from both series and its predecessor The Vampire Diaries. The series stars Danielle Rose Russell as 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson, descended from some of the most powerful vampire, werewolf and witch bloodlines. Set in The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, Legacies tells the ongoing story of a new generation of supernatural students as they learn what it means to be special in a society that wouldn’t understand their gifts.

Also not returning for the 2022-2023 broadcast season on the CW are Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 4400, Roswell, New Mexico, Dynasty and Charmed.

Legacies hails from Warner Bros Television and CBS Television Studios in association with My So-Called Company, with Julie Plec, Brett Matthews, Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo executive producers.

Charles is gecast in de reboot van de serie ‘Early Edition’ voor CBS.

NCIS: New Orleans alum Charles Michael Davis, Jay Ali (Magnum P.I.) and Fiona Rene (I Know What You Did Last Summer) have been cast as series regulars opposite Alice Eve in CBS’ drama pilot Early Edition, a gender-swapped reboot of the late-1990s series headlined by Kyle Chandler.

Written by Melissa Glenn, the new Early Edition follows Beth (Eve), an ambitious but uncompromising journalist working as executive producer at a Seattle TV news station, who starts receiving tomorrow’s newspaper today and finds herself in the complicated business of changing the news instead of reporting it.

Ali will play Anthony, Beth’s news director and good friend. Anthony strives to find balance, a nearly impossible task amidst the chaos of a newsroom, but he knows his version of an ideal life would be something that includes Beth. He cares very deeply for her, so much so that he hires his Army contact – Derick – to protect Beth during this tumultuous time.

Derick, played by Davis, is a former cop who served in Afghanistan without incident, but on his return home he was injured on the job and forced to retire. He’s a man of action but has been forced to the sidelines. He now joins Beth as a temporary “bodyguard” while she navigates the aftermath of previous events, and with that, he is unknowingly thrown into the mystery of the newspaper.

Rene plays Trina, a close friend of Beth’s and one of the reporters at her local news station. She survived a troubled childhood, but she came out stronger, full of heart and charm. Trina brings her quirky beliefs to the newspaper trio, balancing out the skepticism of Derick and the hard and fast pace of Beth.

Glenn executive produces the reboot with DeVon Franklin via Franklin Entertainment and Bob Brush, who developed the original. Franklin Entertainment’s Jenna Nicholson is co-exec producer of the project, which comes from Sony Pictures Television and Affirm Television, Sony TV and Affirm Films’ co-venture for family, faith, inspirational and aspirational content, in association with CBS Studios.

This marks Davis’ return to CBS after a series-regular stint on the last two seasons of NCIS: New Orleans. Prior to that, he was a series regular on the CW’s The Originals and TV Land’s Younger. He is repped by Gersh and Mary Erickson Management.

Ali most recently had a major recurring role on CBS’ Magnum P.I. His series credits also include Prime Video’s Carnival Row and Marvel’s Daredevil. He’s repped by Cultivate Entertainment and attorney Meyer & Downs.

Rene most recently starred in the Prime Video series I Know What You Did Last Summer and will next appear on Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer. Her additional credits include SWAT, NCIS: Hawai’i and Stumptown. She is repped by Encompass and LG Management.

Paul is gecast als de jongere James T. Kirk in de nieuwe Star Trek serie voor Paramount+ die op 5 mei verschijnt. Met het nieuws zijn ook de eerste beelden van Paul in zijn rol verschenen.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has cast Paul Wesley in the iconic role of James T. Kirk for the show’s upcoming second season. Wesley will appear as a young version of Kirk. He is the third actor to play the character in a live-action project.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follows the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike prior to Kirk becoming captain of the Enterprise. When news of Wesley’s casting was announced, the The Vampire Diaries actor took to Twitter to express his excitement and shared how he had met William Shatner on a flight.

Shatner played Kirk in the original Star Trek series and earlier films before Chris Pine took on the role in the newer Star Trek films.

“I am deeply humbled and still a little startled to have been given the honour of playing the inimitable James T Kirk. Ever since I was a kid, I have been awed by the imaginative world Gene Roddenberry created,” shared Wesley.

“I’m not one who usually believes in fate but this was more than a coincidence. So thanks Mr. Shatner for the good company. And for seating us together, my thanks to the great bird in the sky. Can’t wait for all of you to see our Captain Kirk on your screens.”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds stars Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock, and Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin-Riley. The series focuses on the Enterprise prior to the events of the original Star Trek series. The series is set to premiere on 5 May 2022 on Paramount+.

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http//: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)