Candice bezocht op 8 oktober de North Clayton Middle School ter ere van het event “A Day Made Better” door OfficeMax

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Ik heb vandaag bijna de gehele cd “It’s Always the Innocent Ones” van Candice Accola toegevoegd in het audio gedeelte om te downloaden, ook staan er nu enkele nummers van Katerina Graham op de website!


Not since Francie’s evolution to The Francinator during the second season of “Alias” has an actor been asked to take their character on such a 180 degree journey. Thankfully for “Vampire Diaries” fans, making Caroline Forbes a vampire hasn’t also turned her into a horrible she-beast that must be destroyed.

It has instead taken a supporting character of medium interest and sent her skyrocketing in importance, involvement and intrigue. A development actress Candice Accola has welcomed with equal amounts of appreciation and fear.

I rang up the actress following an ovation worthy couple of episodes to talk about tackling the undead obstacle head on, why she’s able to closely identify with her character’s dilemma and what the future holds for Caroline … and Candice.

PopWrap: First off, you have been killing it this season.
Candice Accola: Oh thank you so much. It’s always been exciting to wake up and go to work. In this business it’s also just exciting to have a job [laughs] and one that you enjoy. But to be presented with new challenges one season in is just a joy – there is not enough thanks or praise I can give to the writers for this wonderful opportunity!
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Gisteren heb ik captures toegevoegd van Candice’s rol in Juno, Katerina’s rol in 17 Again, Matthew rol in Legally Blonde, Micheal’s rol in Charmed en Nina’s rol in Chloe.

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Candice, Ian en Katherina hebben meegewerkt aan een promotievideo voor het “The Trevor Project”.

What has changed for Damon?
I think that what’s sort of thrown Damon for a loop is what he said at the end of the finale, “I came to this town wanting to destroy it and everything in it, and now I find myself wanted to protect it.” How the hell does that happen? I think that it happens because when you forge relationships with people you raise stakes, you have something to lose. For someone who’s never had anything to lose, it’s throwing him a bit. It’s fun to play, but I think there are a lot of things that are about to pop up that are going to make for some action.

Do you think Caroline took it easy on Damon, considering everything he put her through?
Definitely. At the same time, Caroline is very new to this whole world of being a vampire and what she’s capable of and what she’s not capable of. In order to become a vampire, part of you dies. It’s a very traumatizing thing. That fact that Damon has already tried to kill her again… she doesn’t know how powerful he is. In her mind, what if he’s as powerful as Katherine? I think there’s only so much playing with fire you want to do when you’re already half dead. It’d be a little scary to push his buttons too much until she knows what she’s capable of, and more importantly, what he is capable of.

The rest van TV Fanatic’s interview met Candice is hier te lezen, die van Ian is hier te lezen.

Hier is een interview met Candice Accola, volgens haar zullen de fans van TVD enthausiast zijn over seizoen 2.

Early in The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was the bitch. There’s no other way to put it. But as the rookie season progressed, something interesting happened with Caroline, who is played by Candice Accola.

Over time, Caroline became a three-dimensional, even sympathetic character. When she behaved in a bitchy way, viewers started to feel sorry for her, rather than despising her.

We have to assume the writers on The Vampire Diaries saw something in Accola that allowed this gradual transformation to occur.

“Well, thank you so much, first and foremost,” said Accola, who is back with all the main cast members for the second season of The Vampire Diaries, beginning Thursday, Sept. 9 on CW and A. “To start the story it had to be pretty simple, but as the season unfolded the layers came out.”
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Ik heb de nieuwste twitter foto’s van Candice, Ian & Nina toegevoegd in de galerij.

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