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Ook ‘Roswell New Mexico’ is door The CW vernieuwd voor een vierde seizoen 4! Dit terwijl het derde seizoen van de serie nog niet eens begonnen is, deze moet nog een releasedatum krijgen van de zender maar dit zal waarschijnlijk ergens in het voorjaar/zomer 2021 zijn.

De afgelopen twee seizoen waren meerdere oud ‘The Vampire Diaries’ & ‘The Originals’ gezichten te zien in de serie zoals Micheal Trevino, Nathan Dean Parsons, Kayla Ewell, Riley Voelkel en Claudia Black. Of deze ook allemaal weer te zien zijn in de komende twee seizoen is nog niet bekend. De Michael en Nathan hebben sowieso een reguliere/vaste rol in de serie.

Kayla EwellMicheal TrevinoRiley Voelkel

Phoebe was afgelopen de gast in de podcast van Candice en Kayla’s podcast ‘Directionally Challenged’, hier sprak ze o.a. over haar eigen kledingmerk Les Jour en het regisseren van haar eigen film.

This week we’re joined by “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” star Phoebe Tonkin to talk about her new sustainable clothing line Lesjour, her experience writing and directing a short film, and the process of finishing a TV show and adjusting to an identity shift.

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De trailer van Kayla’s nieuwste film ‘Agent Revelation’ is verschenen, deze zal op 22 januari in Noord-Amerika uitkomen. Opnames voor de film waren al in 2018. Kayle heeft een interview met DigitalJournal gesproken over de nieuwe film.

Jim Yung, a rejected CIA analyst, has been exposed to an ancient ‘dust’ that transforms him into a super soldier that can communicate with aliens. When a secret organization works with him to discover why aliens have returned to Earth, the truth comes at a price.

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Candice en Kayla’s hebben voor hun podcast’Directionally Challanged‘ nieuwe merchandise gelanceerd dat tot 1 november online te bestellen is. Klik hier om hun nieuwe merchandise te zien en te bestellen.
In de galerij staan wel enkele outtakes voor de promotieshoot van hun nieuw collectie wat bestaat uit een super leuke pyjama, trui, hoed, sweatpants en een kaars.

Edit: Vele nieuwe outtakes staan in de galerij. Helaas is de merchandise nu niet meer te krijgen. Maar Candice en Kayla hebben plannen in in de toekomst vaker merchandise te lanceren.

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De missende foto’s van Candice en Kayla’s podcast ‘Directionally Challanged‘ staan in de galerij. De afgelopen maanden hebben ze via videobellen hun podcasts opgenomen en zijn ze lid geworden van patreon. Je kunt vanaf €5,- maand lid worden van Patreon om exclusieve afleveringen van de podcast te beluisteren en vele andere extra’s.

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Candice KingDiverseInterviewsKayla Ewell

Enkele nieuwe outtakes en fotoshoots van de cast staan in de galerij.

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Candice en Kayla hebben een interview gehad met Locale Magazine over hun podcast Directionally Challenged, hiervoor hadden ze ook een bijbehorende fotoshoot waarvan de outtakes in de galerij staan.

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http//: Peter Koval (Locale Magazine)

These Gals Talk Everything From Doulas to Holiday Stress to Owning Your Life

Candice King and Kayla Ewell are just your average 30-somethings––and by average, we mean starred on a hit CW series called “The Vampire Diaries” and have amassed over 7 million combined followers on Instagram. But you would never know that when listening to their hugely popular podcast, Directionally Challenged. The vibe they have created with their two-season series is akin to a chat with a best friend over a glass of wine. It’s coffee talk meets spilling the tea, tackling everything from surface level to below the skin topics, sparking a sliding scale of dialogue that ranges from lighthearted to intellectual.

“Sometimes you just bond with someone, and you go through parallel experiences in life, and we found ourselves going through life changes together,” says King. The two describe how our society of contrived social media posts and snapshots of glimpses into a person’s curated life have created a false narrative, especially for two career-driven women going through the throes of love, marriage and the baby in the baby carriage in the world of entertainment. So they wanted to add a dose of reality to an industry that tends to lack authenticity.
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Ik heb nieuwe trouwfoto’s toegevoegd van Claire’s huwelijk met Andrew in 2018 en Kayla’s huwelijk met Tanner in 2015.

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Claire HoltDiverseKayla Ewell

De laatste fotoshoots van de cast staan in de galerij.

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Kayla is weer terug op de set van de soap ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ dit keer als stand in om intieme scenes te filmen met haar man Tanner. Door het COVID-virus kan hij namelijk deze scenes niet opnemen met zijn tegenspeelster.

Kayla Ewell is back at The Bold and the Beautiful. However, this time, the actress isn’t playing Caitlin Ramirez. She actually won’t really be playing a character at all. An idea tossed around earlier this summer is coming to fruition. Ewell, the real-life partner of actor Tanner Novlan, will stand-in for his on-screen love interest, Jacqueline MacIness Wood, for romantic scenes. Novlan plays a new character, Dr. Johh “Finn” Finnegan, while Wood is is a longtime legacy character, Steffy Forrester.

The idea first came around this summer
Because of production restrictions due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, television shows have to shoot their scenes much differently in an effort to reduce unneeded contact.

In now-viral interviews with Forbes and The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s head writer, Bradley Bell, said that they would use blow-up dolls in intimate circumstances to comply with safety guidelines. He also said that another option would be for the real-life partners of the stars to be used for kissing and romance scenes.

In an earlier interview Soaps in Depth, Novlan previously said that Ewell was down for stepping into the role as a body double. From 2004-2005, Ewell portrayed Caitlin Ramirez on the show. When she exited The Bold and the Beautiful, Ewell moved on to primetime. Over the past several years, she’s appeared in several projects like The Vampire Diaries and Me and My Grandma.

“I’ve pitched it to her and she is definitely game,” he said at the time. “It’s a fun little trivia question for years to come for that scenario to play out. If we end up going down that road, it’s gonna be pretty cool.”

Ewell is confirmed to appear
Soaps in Depth recently confirmed that Ewell would officially be on the show. Fans clocked the news before the official announcement due to a post that Ewell made on Instagram. She posted a picture with Novlan in a car and captioned it, “When Mom & Dad get to work together ❤️.” Many thought this meant she was set to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful as a Steffy stand-in.

“Can’t wait for all that smooching,” commented one person.

“Omg..she is a Steffi [sic] typ as it is. Wonderful for her,” said someone else.

Another fan added, “It’s going to be tough to spot the difference. There is a very strong resemblance to JMKW.”

Ewell would be the second person to stand-in in a scene for their partner. Katrina Bowden, who plays Flo Fulton, had her husband, Ben Jorgenson substitute in for her on-screen husband, Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt Fuller on the show.

“He was great,” Bell said to Soap Opera Digest. “He is very close to the same build, same hair color and look as Darin Brooks. When you dress him up in matching wardrobe and shoot over his back shoulder, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. You’ll never know the difference.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

Kayla EwellTV Series

Er zijn enkele nieuwe fotoshoots en outtakes van al eerdere fotoshoots verschenen van de cast!

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