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De eerste outtake van Zach’s nieuwe tv serie ‘Dare Me’ staat in de galerij.

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http//: Season 1: Episode Stills

TV SeriesZach Roerig

Ook de trailer van Zach’s nieuwe serie ‘Dare Me’ is verschenen, het eerste seizoen begint op 29 december op USA Network in amerika.

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http//: Season 1: Promotionalshoot

TV SeriesZach Roerig

Zach heeft samen met represent een t-shirt ontworpen voor het goede doel. Samen met represent heeft hij enkele bovenkleding ontworpen met de visie ‘Human-ing Is Hard’, deze kan je de komende twee weken kopen op hun website. De opbrengst hiervan gaat naar ‘Defenders of Wildlife’, waarme dieren in nood gered worden.

Here it is! My very own limited edition shirt that I designed for all of my fellow humans. Proceeds go to Defenders of Wildlife to help protect endangered and imperiled animals. It’s only available for 2 weeks so get them now before they’re gone!

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http//: 2019: Represent’s ‘Human-ing Is Hard’ clothes

DiverseZach Roerig

Daniel Gillies, David Alpay Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Chase Coleman , Chris Brochu waren in mei aanwezig op de Bloodline Rebirth conventië in Dusseldorf, Duitsland. Foto’s hiervan staan nu in de galerij.

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http//: Bloodline Rebirth Portraits
http//: Bloodline Rebirth Portraits (Behind The Scenes)

CastDaniel GilliesSteven R. McQueenZach Roerig

De laatste en nieuwste events van de cast gezamelijk staan in de galerij, zoals enkele conventies en Nina’s 30e verjaardag!

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http//: Appereances > 2019

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Zach heeft een gastrol gescoord in de CBS serie ‘God Friended Me’, zijn afgelevering was afgelopen week te zien op de Amerikaanse TV.

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http//: Season 1: Episode Stills
http//: Season 1: Behind the Scenes

TV SeriesZach Roerig

USA Network heeft de nieuwe serie ‘Dare Me’ van Zach een series order gegeven waardoor deze dus uitkomt op de zender. Daarnaast gaat Netflix co-produceren waarmee het de eerste uitzendrechten heeft buiten Amerika. Grote kans dus dat de serie ook al snel via de streamingsdienst te zien zal zijn in Nederland. Wanneer de serie uitkomt is nog niet bekend.

USA Network has given out a series order to “Dare Me,” based on the novel of the same name by Megan Abbott.

The series dives into the cutthroat world of competitive high school cheerleading. It follows the fraught relationship between two best friends (Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly) after a new coach (Willa Fitzgerald) arrives to bring their team to prominence. While the girls’ friendship is put to the test, their young lives are changed forever when a shocking crime rocks their quiet suburban world.

Additional series regulars include Rob Heaps, Zach Roerig, and Paul Fitzgerald. Joyful Drake, Tammy Blanchard, Antonio J. Bell, and Alison Thornton are also set to recur.

Abbott will serve as writer and executive producer on the series along with Gina Fattore. Peter Berg and Michael Lombardo of Film 44 will executive produce with Sarah Condon and Karen Rosenfelt also executive producing. Netflix will co-produce and have first-run rights to the series outside of the U.S. Universal Cable Productions will produce. Steph Green directed and executive produced the pilot.

“Megan Abbott’s voice brings a fresh perspective to USA Network, with a gripping, female-focused story that combines the ultra-competitive world of high school cheerleading with the secrets of a seemingly-perfect small American town,” said Chris McCumber, president of USA Network and SYFY.

“Dare Me” was one of four shows USA ordered to pilot back in April. Of those, three have been ordered to series so far: “Dare Me,” “Briarpatch” starring Rosario Dawson, and “Treadstone,” which is set in the Bourne universe.

TV SeriesZach Roerig

Afleveringstills van 1×04 – Hope is Not the Goal van Legacies zijn verschenen, en daarmee ook de eerste stills van Zach Roerig als Sherrif Matt Donovan :)

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http//: 1×04 – Hope is Not the Goal

LegaciesZach Roerig

As far as Matt Donovan is concerned, Mystic Falls is his town. After all, he grew up there. That’s where he fell in love with Elena, where he was quarterback of the football team, and where he somehow remained human for eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, despite the fact that nearly everyone he loved either died or became undead. Not to mention that by the end of the series, Matt (played by Zach Roerig) was the new sheriff in town, a role he still fills when the new Vampire Diaries and The Originals spin-off Legacies premieres. Except now, he’s got a firm stance on supernatural creatures.

“For the first time, Matt Donovan isn’t torn by a commitment to protecting his best friends against other people in their peer group,” showrunner Julie Plec says. “His singular goal is to keep the supernatural business on the DL, if not out of Mystic Falls, and to protect the town. So that puts him continually at odds with Alaric and the kids at the school. He says very clearly in an early episode, ‘If I get so much as a wind of your kids causing any trouble, I will come for them.’ So he’s both friend and antagonist at the same time.”

After all, the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted might seem harmless enough — a bunch of supernatural teens trying to navigate life — but Matt, of all people, knows that even the supernatural beings with the best intentions can make mistakes. (Let’s not forget that he lost his sister because of vampires.)

“The point of this series is that every single one of these kids has enough darkness inside of them that they could end up being the big bad of a season,” Plec continues. “And yet, on a daily basis, the show is about them fighting for the best version of themselves. So for somebody like Matt Donovan, he wants to give them the benefit of the doubt, but he also has a bit of a zero-tolerance policy because he knows what they’re capable of.”

With Alaric serving as the protector of these kids — he’s headmaster at the Salvatore School — he might find himself facing off with the sheriff. “You’ll see Matt Donovan draw a line and Alaric draw a line, and they know where they stand,” says Matthew Davis, who plays Alaric. “It’s about keeping the peace, and if the peace can’t be met, then there’s gonna be hell to pay, and I think their friendship will be on the sacrificial altar if things don’t work out.”

After all, this isn’t the exact same Matt Donovan that fans will remember. This is a guy who’s spent the majority of his very human life surrounded by supernatural beings, and that changes a guy. “He’s going a bit insane at this point,” Roerig says. “He kind of went off the deep end. We see him in the future a little more frazzled and a little out of his mind from the vampires. He’s crazy sheriff Matt Donovan.”

LegaciesZach Roerig

Julie Plec heeft onthult dat Caroline Forbes voor nu nog niet te zien zal zijn in ‘Legacies’, de afwezigheid wordt verklaard dat ze nieuwe studenten aan het verzamelen is. Ze laat weten dat de mogelijk er altijd is dat Caroline haar opwachting maakt. Zach Roerig en Steven R. McQueen hebben tot nu toe wel een gastrol in de serie.

The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies won’t be featuring Caroline Forbes when the show kicks off, so how will the new series explain her absence?

So far, Vampire Diaries‘ Matt Davis, Steven R. McQueen, and Zach Roerig, are all set to reprise their roles, but not Candice King.

“We’re going to hear her and feel free a lot,” showrunner Julie Plec told EW. “I don’t know when we’ll see her. I, of course, would like to see her anytime. The door is open. But the girls are dealing with the fact that their mother, who has raised them, is a little absentee lately.”

So, what’s Caroline been up to since saying farewell to Klaus? “They believe she’s off on recruiting missions,” Julie shared about Caroline’s twin daughters. “Alaric knows she’s actually off doing other things that have to do with the long-term survival of their daughters. So the mystery of, where is Caroline, why isn’t she coming home for their birthday, that kind of thing is gonna be part of our story in the hopes that one day we’ll be able to walk to have her walk through the doors as well.”

“A lot of the supernatural beings that we’ll be opening our doors to are things you never would have seen on The Vampire Diaries,” Julie said as star Danielle Rose Russell added, “In our second episode, we have a very exciting new creature with a lot of CGI.”

Legacies premieres on October 25 on The CW.

Candice KingLegaciesSteven R. McQueenZach Roerig

Zack is gecast in de nieuwe USA Network pilot ‘Dare Me’ gebaseerd op het gelijknamige boek van Megan Abbot.

Rob Heaps (Imposters), Zach Roerig (The Vampire Diaries) and Paul Fitzgerald (Veep, GLOW) are set as series regulars opposite Willa Fitzgerald, Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly in the USA Network pilot Dare Me, from Universal Cable Productions and Film 44. In addition, Joyful Drake (Let’s Stay Together), Tammy Blanchard (Tallulah, Into The Woods), Antonio J. Bell (Nigerian Prince) and Alison Thornton (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce) round out the cast in key recurring roles.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Megan Abbott, who serves as writer and executive producer along with Gina Fattore, Dare Me is an unflinching exploration of volatile female friendships, jealousy, loyalty and the dynamics of power in a small Midwestern town. Peering behind the all-American façade, the series dives into the cutthroat world of competitive high school cheerleading, following the fraught relationship between two best friends (Guardiola, Kelly) after a new coach (Fitzgerald) arrives to bring their team to prominence. Part coming-of-age story, part small-town drama, part murder mystery, Dare Me exposes the physical and psychological extremes that some young women are willing to endure in order to get ahead.

Roerig will portray Sarge Will Mosley, the head Marine recruiter stationed in Sutton Grove High School. Although strikingly handsome and intriguingly remote, he’s a haunted man, hiding secrets and a complicated personal history.

Roerig, known for his role as Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries, recently shot a recurring role on The Gifted and wrapped independent feature The Last Full Measure. He’s repped by Innovative Artists and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer.

TV SeriesZach Roerig

Op de ‘Legacies’ panel is bekend geworden dat Paul Wesley een aflevering van de serie zal gaan regisseren :) Helaas zal hij niet te zien zijn als Stefan Salvatore. Daarnaast zal Zach Roerig in de serie te zien zijn als Matt Donovan.

Julie Plec liet weten dat Caroline Forbes gespeeld door Candice King genoemd zal worden, maar als het aan haar licht ze ook enkele keren te zien zal zijn…..

Candice KingLegaciesPaul WesleyZach Roerig

De trailer van Zach’s nieuwste film ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’ is verschenen! Deze ging vorig jaar al in premiere in op enkel film festival maar is eerdere deze maand uitgekomen in de VS.

FilmsZach Roerig

Er zijn nieuwe outtakes verschenen van de fotoshoot die de cast van ‘The Vampire Diaries’ en ‘The Originals’ hadden voor Entertainment Weekly tijdens de Comic-Con conventie in 2016. Enkele eerdere outtakes van TVD zijn vervangen voor een versie zonder tag.

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http//: Comic-Con International 2016 – Entertainment Weekly Portraits #1
http//: Comic-Con International 2016 – Entertainment Weekly Portraits #2

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Ik heb filmstills en screencaptures toegevoegd van Zach in zijn recente film ‘Rings’

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http//: Movie Stills
http//: Screencaptures

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