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De laatste instagramfoto’s van de cast staan in de galerij!

Galerij Links:
http//: Candice King
http//: Charles Michael Davis
http//: Claire Holt
http//: Danielle Rose Russel
http//: Ian Somerhalder
http//: Jenny Boyd
http//: Joseph Morgan
http//: Kat Graham
http//: Kayla Ewell
http//: Kaylee Bryant
http//: Leah Pipes
http//: Malese Jow
http//: Matthew Davis
http//: Michael Malarkey
http//: Michael Trevino
http//: Nate Buzolic
http//: Nina Dobrev
http//: Paul Wesley
http//: Phoebe Tonkin
http//: Riley Voelkel
http//: Sara Canning
http//: Steven R McQueen
http//: Summer Fontana
http//: Torrey DeVitto

Candice KingCharles Michael DavisClaire HoltDanielle Rose RusselIan SomerhalderJenny BoydJoseph MorganKaterina GrahamKayla EwellKaylee BryantLeah PipesMatthew DavisMelise JowMichael MalarkeyMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPaul WesleyPhoebe TonkinRiley VoelkelSara CanningSteven R. McQueenSummer FontanaTorrey DeVitto

Ik heb de nieuwste fotoshoots in de galerij toegevoegd.

Galerij Links:
http//: Ben Watts (Cosmopiltan)
http//: Ben Watts (Womans Health)
http//: Fallon Wilson
http//: Hero Bean Stevenson (Rose INC)
http//: Matthew Sprout (La Ligne NYC)
http//: Mehdi Sef (Harper’s Bazaar China)
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Sam Marquart

Candice KingFotoshootsKaterina GrahamKayla EwellNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPhoebe Tonkin

Nate is te gast in de Bible Study Podcasts van pastoor Toby Logsdon, waarin ze zich verder verdiepen in de bijbel. Klik op meer om ook de andere afleveringen te beluisteren die tot nu toe verschenen zijn. Mogelijk verschijnen er binnenkort nog meer afleveringen waarin Nathaniel te horen is, deze kan je dan via de website beluisteren.

The Power of the Personal Testimony
Nathaniel Buzolic and Pastor Toby begin a series of conversational podcasts with an episode covering their personal testimonies, discussing how God drew each of them to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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InterviewsNathaniel Buzolic

Nate is in lente van 2020 te zien in de nieuwe film ‘Making Peace’. Opnames van de film vonden eerder dit jaar plaats in de Mojave woestijn.

It’s 1969, and somewhere, lost in a barren desert, Janis sits on the side of the road, next to her broken down car. Dennis, a stranger, in military uniform, pulls over to pick her up. Down a road of mystique, deep conversation, and some mind-blowing twists, Dennis helps Janis’ come to terms with the reality of her life, and death.

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http//: Posters
http//: Promotionalshoot
http//: Movie Stills
http//: Behind The Scenes

FilmsNathaniel Buzolic

Chase Coleman, Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, Matthew Davis, Micheal Trevino, Nate Buzolic, Paul Wesley, Riley Voelkel, Steven R. MCQueen en Summer Fontana waren afgelopen weekend aanwezig op The Vampire Diaries and Originals Convention in Chicago. Foto’s hiervan staan in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: June 28-30: The Vampire Diaries and Originals Convention in Chicago

AppereancesIan SomerhalderJoseph MorganMatthew DavisMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicPaul WesleyRiley VoelkelSteven R. McQueenSummer Fontana

Candice King, Charles Michael Davis, David Alpay, Joseph Morgan, Micheal Trevino, Nathaniel Buzolix & Sara Canning waren vorige maand aanwezig op de BloodyNightCon Europe Conventie in Brussel, België. Foto’s hiervan staan in de galerij. Door de organisatie KLZ events is al aangekondigd dat er een vervolg komt op 16-17 mei 2020! Het is nog niet bekend welke gasten hierbij aanwezig zullen zijn.

Galerij Links:
http//: June 8-9: BloodyNightCon Europe Convention in Brussel, Belgium
http//: BloodyNightCon Europe Portaits
http//: BloodyNightCon Europe Portaits (Behind The Scenes)

AppereancesCandice KingCastCharles Michael DavisFotoshootsJoseph MorganMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicSara Canning

De trailer van Nate’s nieuwe film ‘Saving Zoe’ is verschenen, deze komt op 12 juli uit.

FilmsNathaniel Buzolic

Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzolic talks the importance of God, the Bible & how our society has fallen apart. Divorce rates are high & the world is coming crumbling down on itself. Hope you guys enjoy this talk, it was super intriguing and brave of Nate to open up about his faith as not many people will.

AppereancesInterviewsNathaniel Buzolic

De laatste en nieuwste events van de cast gezamelijk staan in de galerij, zoals enkele conventies en Nina’s 30e verjaardag!

Galerij Links:
http//: Appereances > 2019

AppereancesCandice KingDaniel GilliesDanielle Rose RusselIan SomerhalderJoseph MorganKayla EwellMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPaul WesleyRiley VoelkelSummer FontanaZach Roerig

Het is bekend geworden dat Rosswell New Mexico is verlengd voor een tweede seizoen!

Micheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicRiley VoelkelTV Series

Ik heb enkele nieuwe/missende groepsappereances van de cast toegevoegd. Zo waren Michael, Micheal & Zach aanwezig op een kunstexpositie. En waren o.a. Candice, Daniel, Ian, Nate en Paul aanwezig op verschillende conventies. Daarnaast was er voordat ‘Legacies’ in premiere verscheen enkele dagen daarvoor een speciale fan screening van de eerste aflevering met de cast.

Galerij Links:
http//: Appereances

AppereancesCandice KingCastDaniel GilliesDanielle Rose RusselIan SomerhalderJenny BoydKaylee BryantMatthew DavisMichael MalarkeyMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicPaul WesleyPeyton Alex SmithQuincy Fouse

Nate & Paul was afgelopen weekend aanwezig op de Warsaw Comic Con in Polen.

Galerij Links:
http//: October 27: Warsaw Comic Con

AppereancesCastNathaniel BuzolicPaul Wesley

While he may not be a household name, Nathaniel Buzolic’s 1.9 million followers on Instagram are both avid fans of the TV shows he has been involved with and his openness to share his faith on the social media platform.

An Australian of Croatian heritage now living in Los Angeles, Buzolic began his career on Australian television shows Home and Away, All Saints and Out of The Blue. He then gained a cult following on the CW Network with shows such as Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, all of which are currently streaming on Netflix. More recently, Nathaniel worked with Oscar-winning director Mel Gibson on Hacksaw Ridge, which was released theatrically in November 2016.

The Originals wrapped its fifth and final series this year and Buzolic is coming back to Australia as a guest of Oz Comic Con in Brisbane on 22-23 September and Sydney on 29-30 September.

Insights caught up with him before his Australian visit and talked about his passionate love of Christ, how having faith works in the heady world of Hollywood and about what lies ahead after a successful run on television.

How does your faith support you in the competitive world of the entertainment business?
It’s helpful in enabling me to disconnect from a business that is based on how you look, how much money you make, how relevant you are and how many followers you have. When you look at the teachings of Jesus it is an absolute upside down kingdom where the person who is last is first, the person who serves is considered greatest in the kingdom of God.

I think you start to realise that the world doesn’t need another actor to be successful for it to be a better place, the world definitely needs to start listening to the truth of what Jesus said.

Ultimately what faith does is anchor you to something that is deeper and more meaningful than a lot of things that we are told are important that will eventually fade away.

My faith helps me disconnect from the business to realise it is just a job and it’s a way I can provide an income for myself and my family.
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Nathaniel Buzolic

Galerij Links:
http//: September 22: Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane, Australia

AppereancesCastNathaniel BuzolicPhoebe Tonkin

Ik heb online enkele video’s gevonden van de panels tijdens de BloodyNightCon Europe in Brusssel enkele maanden geleden.

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AppereancesCandice KingDaniel GilliesMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicPhoebe TonkinRiley VoelkelSteven R. McQueen