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Claire staat op de cover van de nieuwste editie van Mother Muse Magazine samen met haar zoon James. Ze had hiervoor een fotoshoot met Nicki Sebastian.

The summer issue of Mother Muse celebrates an essential element of modern motherhood: the relationship with our children, ourselves and our partners. Our new journey into motherhood or life-long, each has carefully formed subtleties.

In this issue, we express the complexities and communication with our children through photography uncovering our interpretations of what it really means to be a mother.

We welcome issue eleven with three cover muses celebrating three stages of motherhood: pregnancy, new motherhood, and the celebration of age.

Inside, we speak to actress Claire Holt on her new journey into motherhood and postpartum. We also speak with French style icons Christine Arnoult and her daughter Constance Arnoult. The ever evolving relationship with our children while they learn to grasp the world on their own. Elsewhere, we speak with Brittany Peltz Buerstedde entrepreneur and founder of childrenswear company, Leah + Rae. Lastly you will find articles about marriage, mom guilt and the different hats we wear as mothers. You will also find our always poetic editorial stories on motherhood throughout along with the brands we currently are musing over.

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