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Acteur Chris Woods die in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Kai speelde zal te zien zijn in aflevering 2×12 van ‘Legacies’, hij is de oom van Lizzie en Josie. In afgelopen aflevering was hij al te zien doordat de video die hij opnam wat hij had gedaan met Elena in seizoen 6 gedeeltelijk te zien was.

Legacies has dropped a lot of The Vampire Diaries Easter eggs into its first and second seasons, but the best one by far was when it hinted that Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd) might be on the path to releasing their evil Uncle Kai (Chris Wood) from his prison world. And that seems more likely than ever now that Chris Wood is confirmed to return this season!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Wood will return as a guest star in Season 2, though there’s no word yet on how many episodes he will appear in. So far, TV Guide has confirmed Wood will appear in Episode 12, which is set to air in February.

Wood confirmed the news on Twitter later on Thursday, tweeting “Miss me?” with the mischievous devil emoji.

Ever since Josie and Lizzie found the ascendant they created as children to lock Kai away in his prison world back on The Vampire Diaries, we’ve been dreading but secretly hoping they’d use it to release Kai. In spite of the fact that he killed his whole family, the twins’ biological mother, and a bunch of randoms (or maybe because of it), it’s hard to name a more beloved villain from Legacies’ mother show. It’s impossible to say who or what will bring Kai back into the picture, but given his history with the Gemini coven and the curse of the merge, it’s likely the twins will eventually have to seek him out if they want to avoid their fate.

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Showrunner Julie Plec previously hinted to TV Guide that Kai could return this season, saying, “I think when a key that would open the lock that is keeping evil Uncle Kai imprisoned shows up on your screen you should always be afraid … and also super, super psyched.”

Psyched is simply not a strong enough word for what we are. Bring on evil Uncle Kai!

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