Phoebe heeft haar eigen kledingmerk LeJours gelanceerd.

Introducing Lesjour ❣️
It all started during quarantine. I was navigating my new work-from-home reality, which also included…everything else at home, too. I was starting the day in pajamas, changing into sweatpants, adding a nice blouse if I had a video call, and then throwing a coat over it all to go to the grocery store. A few months of that had me wishing for a new uniform—something chic enough for a Zoom meeting, comfy enough to wear during a 6-hour true crime binge watch in bed, and easy enough that I didn’t have to think about it. And so LESJOUR! was born!

LESJOUR! is a new way of thinking about dressing. I believe clothing should be multi-functional, high-performance, and sustainably made. Our collection (four tops and two pants to mix and match, with new colors every season) was inspired by the leisure suits of the ‘70s—a wardrobe staple that’s as versatile as it is chic. Each piece is handmade in LA out of ECOVERO, a washable viscose that feels like cashmere and is made from 100% renewable resources. These pieces mean you can buy less and wear what you have more. Because you’ve got a lot going on already, so I say: Work hard. LESJOUR! harder.

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