Twee weken geleden is aangekondigd dat Sara gecast is de nieuwe horrorfilm ‘Dark Match’. De opnames van de film zouden al afgerond zijn, een releasedatum is nog niet bekend.

Wrestling star Chris Jericho, fresh off a supporting role in horror breakout Terrifier 2, is set to lead cast in wrestling-themed horror Dark Match.

Jericho will star with Ayisha Issa (Transplant), Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead), Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries), Michael Eklund (Wynonna Earp) and Jonathan Cherry (Goon).

The Dept. 9 Studios film, which recently wrapped in Edmonton, Canada, sees a small-time wrestling company accept a high-paying gig in a backwoods town, only to discover when they arrive that the community is run by a mysterious cult leader with devious plans for their match.

Pic is written and directed by Lowell Dean (Wolfcop) and is produced by John MacDonald who also serves as one of the executive producers along with Jericho. Don Depoe and Michael Feehan who are also Dept.9 producers, joined by Rhonda Baker (The Grudge) and Michael Peterson.

The film’s writer and director Lowell Dean said: “It’s been a blast filming in Edmonton and working every day with such a talented cast and crew. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Dept.9 Studios and for the producer’s support in bringing Dark Match to life.”

Founded by John MacDonald in 2019, Dept.9 Studios is a 26,000 sq. ft. production facility in Edmonton, Alberta. The company develops and produces its own films and TV and rents the site to third parties.

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