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Seizoen 1

Love sucks

You remember your first kiss forever… and ever

Drawn Together …. and not pulling away.

Connected To Her Mother by blood, not love

Do You Trust Me?

Game on, Elena.

Damon. The One Who Causes The Pain, Can just Easily take it away.

This Is An Impossible Love.

If He Won’t Fight, She’ll Fight For Him.

Seizoen 2

Sink Your Teeth Back In.

Any Chance Their Love Had Is Dead

Both Brothers Want Her. Dead.

Hot Blooded.

Born To Die

I’ve Been A Bad Boy.

How many will die so that one can live?

Seizoen 3

Season 3 Begins


A Flashback To The Original Vampire Family… See How It All Begins.

Petrova is Back.

Give in to your appetite

A Future Blooms.

Will They Be Guests To Klaus’s Party, Or Bait?



Death is a sacrifice Elena is not willing to make

Look out Damon, your emotions are showing

There’s a reason he always gets the girl

Seizoen 4

You’re invited To the Graduation. Dead or Alive.

Should He Be Her Teacher?

Game On, Elena.

Prepare For Housegeusts

An Unlikely Threesome

Give Him Enough Rope

Humanity Was The Only Thing, She Hadn’t Lost.

In New Orleans The Air Is Thick With Blood.

Prom Night In Mystic Falls.

Feeling No Pain. And It’s Torture

If The Plan Involves Katherine… The Devil’s In The Detail.

Seizoen 5

Blood Lines Are Torched. Battle Lines Are Drawn

Seizoen 6

All Spells Breaks Loose

Seizoen 7

Heartbreak is Eternal

Face The Future…. Fight The Past

Seizoen 8

The End Awakens

#TVD Forever