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De laatste instagramfoto’s van de cast staan in de galerij!

Galerij Links:
http//: Candice King
http//: Charles Michael Davis
http//: Claire Holt
http//: Danielle Rose Russel
http//: Ian Somerhalder
http//: Jenny Boyd
http//: Joseph Morgan
http//: Kat Graham
http//: Kayla Ewell
http//: Kaylee Bryant
http//: Leah Pipes
http//: Malese Jow
http//: Matthew Davis
http//: Michael Malarkey
http//: Michael Trevino
http//: Nate Buzolic
http//: Nina Dobrev
http//: Paul Wesley
http//: Phoebe Tonkin
http//: Riley Voelkel
http//: Sara Canning
http//: Steven R McQueen
http//: Summer Fontana
http//: Torrey DeVitto

Candice KingCharles Michael DavisClaire HoltDanielle Rose RusselIan SomerhalderJenny BoydJoseph MorganKaterina GrahamKayla EwellKaylee BryantLeah PipesMatthew DavisMelise JowMichael MalarkeyMicheal TrevinoNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPaul WesleyPhoebe TonkinRiley VoelkelSara CanningSteven R. McQueenSummer FontanaTorrey DeVitto

Ik heb enkele nieuwe stills en setofoto’s toegevoegd van ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ seizoen 2. Dit seizoen is er nog een rol voor een oud ‘The Vampire Diaries’ collega, acteur David Ander bekend van zijn rol als oom John Gilbert heeft ook een gastrol in de serie!

Galerij Links:
http//: Season 2: Episode Stills
http//: Season 2: Behind The Scenes

Micheal TrevinoNathan ParsonsTV Series

Ik heb de nieuwste fotoshoots in de galerij toegevoegd.

Galerij Links:
http//: Ben Watts (Cosmopiltan)
http//: Ben Watts (Womans Health)
http//: Fallon Wilson
http//: Hero Bean Stevenson (Rose INC)
http//: Matthew Sprout (La Ligne NYC)
http//: Mehdi Sef (Harper’s Bazaar China)
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Palm Sundays Co
http//: Sam Marquart

Candice KingFotoshootsKaterina GrahamKayla EwellNathaniel BuzolicNina DobrevPhoebe Tonkin

Ik heb setfoto’s toegevoegd van Nina’s op de set van ‘The One’, een film die ze geregisseerd heeft.

Galerij Links:
http//: Behind The Scenes

FilmsNina Dobrev

Er zijn setfoto’s verschenen van Paul die een aflevering van CW’s ‘Batwoman’ regiseert, de aflevering was afgelopen zondag te zien in de VS.

Galerij Links:
http//: Behind The Scenes

After a month-long hiatus, Batwoman finally returns this coming Sunday with a fresh episode directed by The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley, and EW has your exclusive look at him working behind-the-scenes.

In the episode, titled “A Narrow Escape,” Kate (Ruby Rose) hangs up the cowl for a bit because she’s still dealing with the trauma of murdering August Cartwright. Unfortunately, an old Batman foe named the Detonator chooses this time return and terrorize the city by strapping bombs to Gotham’s everyday heroes to see if they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save others. “What I really enjoyed about this episode is that it’s quite grounded in the sense that it is a ‘race against time’ main plot. So it’s quite fast paced and energetic but of course there is a lot of character development,” Wesley tells EW via email.

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Paul WesleyTV Series

Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington has revealed that she came close to playing a big Vampire Diaries role, which would have stopped her from playing Dr Jo Wilson.

Posting on Twitter, Luddington shared a number of characters she auditioned for – and one was Rebekah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries.

Claire Holt ended up being cast as Rebekah and went on to star in The Originals as well.

“Was reminiscing with my husband about some roles we auditioned for (over a decade ago) and didn’t get,” Luddington tweeted. “I was thinking it might be fun to share just a couple ha!!!!

“I auditioned for (and Obvs didn’t get but thought it would be so fun to play) Rebekah on #TheVampireDiaries.”

When a fan responded by suggesting that Luddington wouldn’t have been cast in Grey’s Anatomy had she been successful in auditioning for Vampire Diaries, the star replied: “I would not being playing Jo, that’s exactly right!”

Luddington also shared that she went for the parts of Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill and Alex on Nikita. Those roles went to Jana Kramer and Lyndsy Fonseca respectively.

“I auditioned and realllllly wanted Alex in #Nikita but the wonderful Lyndsy Fonseca killed it in that role,” she said.

Grey’s Anatomy recently ended its 16th season with quite a few big twists as well as an emotional callback to a season 2 moment. But it remains unclear what season 17 will look like, as there were a number of cut storylines that the show had planned before the current run ended early.

The OriginalsThe Vampire Diaries

In een online donatie van Oxfam kan een gelukkige fan een online meeting krijgen met Claire, Daniel en ook Luke Baines en Katherine McNamara. De wedstrijd loopt tot 21 mei. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

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Claire HoltDaniel Gillies

Ik heb vele nieuwe screencptures toegevoegd in de galerij!

Galerij Links:
http//: A Beauty and the Beast Christmas (Leah)
http//: Bloom – Seizoen 1 & 2 (Phoebe)
http//: Chigago Med – Seizoen 5 (Torrey)
http//: Fashionably Yours (Kat)
http//: Nancy Drew (Sara)
http//: NCIS: New Orleans (Charles)
http//: Project Blue Book – Seizoen 1 en 2 (Michael)
http//: Roswell, New Mexico – Seizoen 2 (Kayla, Michael, Nathan & Riley)
http//: Run This Town (Nina)
http//: The Christmas Temp (Sara)
http//: Westworld – Seizoen 3 (Phoebe)

Charles Michael DavisKayla EwellLeah PipesMichael MalarkeyMicheal TrevinoNina DobrevPhoebe TonkinRiley VoelkelSara Canning

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InterviewsPhoebe TonkinTV Series

CastDanielle CampbellPaul WesleyTV Series

De eerste trailer van Riley’s nieuwe serie ‘Hightown’ is verschenen, daarnaast is ook bekend geworden dat de serie op 17 mei zal beginnen op de Amerikaanse zender Starz.

Riley VoelkelTV Series

De eerste filmstills van Candice in de film ‘After We Collided’ zijn verschenen. Het is nog niet bekend wanneer de film verschijnt.

Galerij Links:
http//: Movie Stills

Candice KingFilms