Summer heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad die ze ze zal gebruiken als Headshots tijdens audities voor nieuwe projecten.

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Paul was afgelopen juli aanwezig op de San Diego Comic-Con om zijn nieuwe serie ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ te promoten. Klik op meer om alle interview te bekijken.

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http//: July 21: 2022 Comic-Con International San Diego – Legion M Hosts William Shatner Handprint Ceremony
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http//: July 23: Entertainment Weekly Annual Comic-Con Bash
http//: July 23: #IMDboat At San Diego Comic-Con 2022
http//: Irvin Rivera (The IMDboat Official Portrait Studio)

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Candice heeft vandaag via instagram laten weten een nieuwe podcast te beginnen genaamd ‘A Superbloom Podcast’, hiervoor heeft ze o.a. een nieuwe instagrampagina geopend en enkele promotiefoto’s gedeeld. Het is nog niet bekend wanneer de podcast verschijnt.

A Superbloom is a rare botanical phenomenon that is associated with an unusually wet, and rainy season. After the rainstorms, seeds of wildflowers that have lain dormant in desert soil begin to germinate and blossom all at once into a beautiful and magnificent superbloom.

Life can feel like one rainstorm after another and now, after laying dormant for a bit, I’m ready for a superbloom. On A Superbloom Podcast, I (host @candiceking ) am asking others who’ve experienced their own roadblocks, grief, or tough times to share in how their experiences went on to feed their souls. To talk about the events and passions in their life that allowed them grow and superbloom into their next chapter. #asuperbloompodcast

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Paul Wesley has hung up the vampire cape, is shooting for the moon in Star Trek, and going all in on his own spirits brand that aligns with his ethics.

Some may know him as Star Trek’s first vegan Captain Kirk. Others, as the brooding bloodsucker Stefan Salvatore from CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries. But in real life, vegan actor Paul Wesley is less interested in blood and more into his own vegan bourbon brand. But it wasn’t always that way.

The 40-year-old spent his formative years in New Jersey focusing on his budding acting career—landing his first role in a soap opera when he was just a junior in high school. Larger New York City theater productions were next, before his big breakout role as Diaries’ Salvatore in 2009 launched him onto the A-list. But it wasn’t until a night of Netflix documentaries that Wesley—who grew up around plant-based family members—came full circle to animal-free living, and changed his worldview forever. Now, he’s making up for lost time by fundraising for The Humane Society of the United States, urging his nearly 19 million followers to go plant-based, and even launching a vegan bourbon brand alongside former castmate Ian Somerhalder that focuses on sustainable practices. VegNews caught up with the Hollywood heartthrob to learn more about his vegan journey, how he’s leveraging his massive social media following, and why he’s obsessed with smashed chickpeas.

On going vegan
“Most of my immediate family is actually plant-based, so I grew up with that influence. Netflix’s Cowspiracy immediately stopped me from eating beef, pork, and all mammals, but I was still occasionally eating fish and sometimes even dairy. I didn’t know any better. Thankfully, I watched even more documentaries and read many books and the choice to go vegan was obvious. Some of my favorite books and documentaries are Eating Animals, The Game Changers, Seaspiracy, and How Not to Die. I’m so proud to be a vegan. It’s the best decision I ever made. For my health and for the world and for the sake of decency and compassion.”

On making an impact for the animals in the digital age
“Social media from activists is pivotal, as it opens people’s eyes to many atrocities they were not previously aware of. We are exposing true factory farm conditions and the insanity of our industrialized food system. It breaks my heart. We need to keep encouraging change and educating people.”
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Tijdens mijn vakantie eerder deze maand bleek de website niet meer te werken op één of andere manier was de database achter de website, foto en videogalerij verwijderd. Hoe is niet geheel duidelijk, helaas is er door de hostingservice alleen een back-up gevonden van ruim 2 jaar geleden.

Hiermee zijn wel alle updates aan de website van de afgelopen twee jaar helaas verdwenen. Ik zal proberen de website te komende tijd zo snel mogelijk weer up-to-date te krijgen met alle missende informatie, foto’s en update te geven over nieuwsberichten ect.

Last week marked Shiseido Blue Project’s second West Coast beach cleanup joined by Ian Somerhalder alongside World Surf League PURE We Are One Ocean grantee WILDCOAST – an international team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and addresses climate change through natural solutions.

Ian Somerhalder got down and dirty explaining the need to care for ocean wildlife and beach preservation.

Shiseido Blue Project is an initiative in collaboration with World Surf League, home of surfing and World Surf League PURE, World Surf League’s environmental initiative, committed to inspiring, educating and empower ocean protection. This global initiative launched in 2019 with a range of activities to protect the ocean, including cleaning up beaches, leading global conservation campaigns like We Are One Ocean, and promoting ocean-and sun-safe habits.

Michael heeft een interview gehad met The Wrap over zijn regie debuut voor ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, hiervoor keeg hij advies van collega Janine Manson en Julie Plec!

A little bit of advice from Julie Plec also didn’t hurt

Any actor’s directorial debut is daunting. But for “Roswell, New Mexico” star Michael Trevino, things were significantly easier thanks to his leading lady, Jeanine Mason, who apparently was “saving” him on the daily.

In Monday night’s episode, directed by Trevino, we meet Outlaw Liz (Mason). She’s a parallel version of the Liz Ortecho we’ve come to know and love, who acts on her darker impulses. Thanks to the chemical compound she inhaled, Liz is trapped in her mindscape, battling for dominance. That mindscape, of course, is an old western town, in which Liz is the sheriff, haunted by Outlaw Liz.

Mason took on double duty for the week and according to Trevino, needed very little direction from him.
“I literally was just behind the monitor, because I know how talented she is,” Trevino recalled to TheWrap. “And then I see her play this completely different character, making complete opposite choices, and they’re believable, and she’s making it look easy. And I know it’s hard, but she’s making it look so easy. I was so, so thankful for — I remember everyday just being like, ‘thank you’ because she’s saving me!”

Of course, a little advice from a seasoned vet didn’t hurt either. Because for Trevino, this directorial debut has been a long time coming — he shadowed his old “Vampire Diaries” friend Julie Plec way back on the “Roswell, New Mexico” pilot. So he made sure to pick her brain on some key aspects. But more on that shortly.

For now, Trevino is just basking in the excitement of his episode finally being out in the world.

“It’s never easy. But when it’s all said and done and you get to that final day, it all comes together? There’s no better feeling,” he said.

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Michael heeft een interview gehad met TV Fanatic over zijn regiedebuut in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’.

Roswell, New Mexico’s favorite doctor has had a hell of a season.

While Kyle Valenti continues to be an integral part of this final season, his portrayer, Michael Trevino, traded in his stethoscope for a director’s chair as he got behind the camera to helm Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 9.

It’s a twisty hour that takes viewers into a mindscape that looks much more like an episode of Gunsmoke than Roswell. We asked Michael about the hour and the differences between acting and directing. We also had to sneak in a Kybel question for all you shippers!

Michael is always a pleasure to speak with, and it’s always a good time talking to him about Roswell. Enjoy!

What did you think when you got the script and were like, this is going to be my episode because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen on Roswell?
The initial reaction was that I was so excited and grateful for how big the episode is and how they threw so much at me. And then I was terrified because I had no idea how I was going to shoot it.

So, a lot of prep went into it because there are just a lot of moving parts in this one. And I’m just grateful for the opportunity but was also just a bit nervous going in, until you do the prep and do the work and then you figure out like, “Oh, okay, this is how I’m going to tell your story.”
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Julianne Hough & Nina Dobrev went from besties to bestie business partners when they co-founded their wine company Fresh Vine.

What’s better than sharing a bottle of wine with your bestie? Not having to worry about a scathing hangover or the price tag! BFFs Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev sought out to create a delicious, accessible, lower carb, lower calorie premium wine brand in 2019 and they’ve done just that with their ever-expanding Fresh Vine Wine, Inc. Fresh off the release of their crisp Sauvignon Blanc, the ladies spoke in an EXCLUSIVE interview with about all the exciting things ahead and the incredible opportunity they’ve had to partner on this venture.
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“Nina is my Godsend…I’ll have a thought or a feeling about something and maybe I’ll beat around the bush to try to figure out how to say it or maybe I won’t ever say it, but Nina just comes right out and says it, so with our business that’s so helpful. I really value and respect Nina’s ability to think very quickly and be able to say it in a way that is direct and forward-thinking,” Julianne explained. “I’ve known that about Nina our whole friendship, but to actually watch it and be a part of it in collaboration. It’s really cool not just to witness it, but also to know that she’s my best friend, she’s got my back, she’s got her back, and she’s got our company’s back. It’s beautiful.”
Julianne and Nina. (Courtesy of Fresh Vine)

Nina went ahead to praise the Rock Of Ages star’s “palette” and “eloquent way” of describing wine when they do tastings at their Napa Valley vineyard. “That’s why together with such a good team, because I’ll describe what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, what I want more of and Julianne will be like, ‘What she’s saying is…’ And it’s really great to have in real time a sophisticated translator!”

In addition to releasing their Sauvignon Blanc last month, the ladies also announced Fresh Vine’s partnership with True Food Kitchen, the nation’s leading health-driven restaurant brand. The establishment now carries Fresh Vine’s Chardonnay varietal across its 44 restaurants. Just weeks ago, it was announced that Fresh Vine’s Rosé, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals will be available via the grocery delivery app Gopuff for immediate delivery to customers in 15 states. “I feel like all of our milestones have been pinch me moments!” Julianne enthused. “There’s been so many milestone moments that we don’t take for granted. We know that we’re on a very fast pace with Fresh Vine, and it’s just a testament of how great the product is, and how amazing our team is and our winemaker.”

“We’re constantly thinking about ways to expand and explore, just by listening to the customers, too,” Nina added. “We definitely have some really fun ideas that we can’t share yet! But, there are some innovative ways that I feel like we’re starting to lock down for some new products and new ways to experience the product!”

Today, Aug. 4th, for National White Wine Day, Fresh Vine Wine will be offering 10% off when you use the code WhiteWine10 to shop on!

De trailer van Kat’s opkomende film voor Netflix ‘Love In The Villa’ is verschenen, de film verschijnt op 1 september op de streamingsdienst.

De trailer van Kaylee nieuwste film ‘The Journey Ahead’ is verschenen, die komt op 14 augustus uit op Hallmark in de VS.

Ben Levin heeft een terugkerende rol gescoord in The CW serie ‘Kung Fu’.

The CW‘s Kung Fu is adding two new cast members to its upcoming third season as Legacies alum Ben Levin and Supernatural star Kim Rhodes are joining the martial arts drama.

As reported by Deadline, Levin is set to play Bo, a barista/vigilante who lives in Oakland. His character is described as “cool, smart, and strong with a jack-of-all-trades fighting style.” He will collide with Nicky (Olivia Liang) and her siblings before eventually trying to prove himself to the Shen family and fight by Nicky’s side.

Rhodes, meanwhile, will portray Carrie, a representative for a large restaurant investment group, who is described as “blunt and funny.” Carrie’s company takes an interest in Harmony Dumplings, but Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) initially turns down the offers. However, after an unexpected friendship grows between her and Carrie, Mei-Li becomes more open to the idea of working together.

Kung Fu was developed by Christina M. Kim, who also serves as executive producer and co-showrunner alongside Robert Berens. The series premiered on The CW on April 7, 2021, and revolves around Chinese-American Nicky, who uses her martial arts skills and Shaolin values to protect her community from ongoing crime and corruption. Season 2 debuted on March 9, 2022, and was renewed for a third season that same month.

Levin most recently played Jed Tien in CW’s Legacies, where he started out as a recurring character before being promoted to series regular for the show’s final two seasons. He’s also appeared in the series Arrested Development, Love, and Time After Time.

Rhodes is known for starring in the soap operas Another World and As the World Turns. She also played Carey Martin on the Disney Channel sitcoms The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. From 2010 to 2020, she played Sheriff Jody Mills in the fantasy drama Supernatural. She’s also had recurring roles in the likes of Criminal Minds and Colony.

Ook staan er enkele foto’s van de serie in de galerij :)

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http//: Flowers in the Attic: The Origin (2022)

This is Paul Wesley like we’ve never seen him before.

With old-age make-up and gray hair, the former Vampire Diaries star transforms into the menacing Amos in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek of the finale of Flowers in the Attic: The Origin.

Amos is called in for support after his cousin Olivia Winfield Foxworth (Jemima Rooper) is rocked by the departure of her daughter Corinne (Hannah Dodd) and Corinne’s partner—and half sibling!—Christopher (Callum Kerr). “After Corinne and Christopher left, I found myself in, well, rather a dark place,” Olivia tells Amos upon his arrival to Foxworth Hall. “I suppose I was finding it increasingly difficult to find the light where it used to shine so brightly.”

Amos does his best to console her—at least initially. “A certain amount of darkness is to be expected,” he says. “You’ve suffered tremendous loss.” With Amos’ attention totally fixed on her, Olivia begins to open up even further.”I keep thinking some of it may have been my fault,” she reveals to Amos. “I should have found a way to open my heart to Corinne and Christopher.”

That’s when Amos starts to get brutally honest. “Absolutely not. You provided everything for Corinne and she chose a path of moral corruption,” he insists. “Any further contact with her would pull her into the life of sin that she has chosen to live. Whatever befalls her now is God’s way of punishing her.”

When Olivia suggests that not having Corinne in her life feels like her own punishment, Amos says, “One might ask, and certainly not me, if you have done anything that merits punishing.” There’s something off with this guy.

Based on V.C. Andrews’ 1979 novel Flowers In The Attic, the four-part Lifetime series also co-stars Harry Hamlin, Max Irons, Kate Mulgrew and Kelsey Grammer. See old Paul Wesley in the Flowers in the Attic: The Origin finale, when it airs on July 30 on Lifetime.