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Even before season 2 began, producers of The Vampire Diaries were talking about Michael Trevino’s beefed up role as a werewolf. So SPOILER-THAT-ISN’T-ACTUALLY-A-SPOILER: Last night, in episode 7, Tyler Lockwood finally (accidentally) killed someone and activated the family curse. (Read our recap.) Shortly after the episode aired on the East Coast (which Trevino watched while flipping back and forth from the World Series), he phoned EW to talk about what’s next for young Mr. Lockwood, which scene he’s yet to shoot that’s making him nervous, and why episode 210 is already one of his favorites.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Watching this episode, I was like, finally! We’ve known it was coming for so long, and now it’s on. Did you have a bit of that reaction to?

Yeah. It’s official now. It’s just a hint of it. It’s at the point where the next few episodes are going to be about preparing for the next full moon that comes. You’re gonna see Tyler do more research, because now he realizes he’s not going to be able to stop himself — it’s just inevitable.

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Read TV Guide article to the first video here.


Er zijn twee nieuwe gastrollen bekent voor komende afleveringen, acteur Trent Ford, Daniel Gilliesen en Lauren Cohan zullen alle drie eeuwenoude vampiers spelen – die een link hebben met Katerina Petrova!

Question: Do you know any Vampire Diaries scoop? —Savannah
Ausiello: Trent Ford and Daniel Gillies have joined the show along with Lauren Cohan as centuries old vampires, Trevor, Elijah, and Rose. “They have deep ties to Katerina Petrova,” reveals exec producer Julie Plec. “They will be heavily featured in November Sweeps episodes ‘Rose’ and ‘Katerina’.”

The Vampire Diaries

Orlando native Candice Accola is savoring a new challenge in the second season of “The Vampire Diaries.” Her character, Caroline, has become a blood-sucker, and Accola is thrilled by the acting opportunities. The next episode, set at a masquerade ball, airs at 8 p.m. Thursday on WKCF-Ch. 18. It’s the seventh episode to be broadcast this season, and the cast is working on the 10th. I talked to Accola, a Lake Highland Prep alum, earlier this week.

Q. What was your reaction when producers said they wanted to make Caroline a vampire?

A. I got a wonderful phone call from [series creator] Kevin Williamson to prep me for the second season. He wanted to reiterate that I would go from dead to the undead. That was slightly comforting. Character-wise, it’s so exciting. In television characters often stay in a similar category. It’s fun to play something that’s completely different. Kevin prepped me that I was going to change. On this show, nobody is safe, it’s a vampire show. There will be characters who will die.
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Hieronder een interview met Ian voor PeoplePets.

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is all about cats —not bats — in his belfry.

“I have three cats in my loft in Atlanta,” Somerhalder told PEOPLEPets.com at Spike TV’s Scream 2010 Awards on Oct. 16 in Los Angeles. “I literally wake up and there’s just fur everywhere. It’s so awesome.”
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De uitgeverij van “The Vampire Diaries” boekenreeks heeft aan vampirediaries.nl laten weten dat “The Return” reeks van de boekenserie ook vertaald zal worden! Het eerste deel ‘Nightfall’ zal waarschijnlijk ‘Duisternis’ gaan heten, en vanaf mei 2011 in de boekenwinkels te vinden zijn.


Ik heb een groepsfoto van de seizoen 2 promotieshoot toegevoegd in de galerij!

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http//: Cast

The Vampire Diaries

Ian was gisteren aanwezig op opening van het Soho Beach House Hotel in Miami.

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http//: Oktober 23: Soho Beach House Hotel Miami Opening – Day

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Micheal en Steven waren op 16 oktober ook nog aanwezig op het WNG Night bij het Chronicle of The Curse Haunted House in Chigago. En Ian en Paul waren gisteren aanwezig bij de Hot Topic Mall Tour in Miami.

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http//: Oktober 16: WGN Night At the Chronicle of the Curce Haunted House in Chigago
http//: October 23: Hot Topic Mall Tour – Miami

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Niet bekijken als je aflevering 2×06 Plan B nog niet gezien heb, het interview bevat spoilers over de verhaallijn.


Er is een nieuwe poster verschenen van seizoen 2, hij is iets anders dan een poster die al eerder verscheen.

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http//: Poster

The Vampire Diaries

Er zijn nog meer stills verschenen van 2×06 Plan B.

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http//: 2×06 Plan B

The Vampire Diaries

KATHERINE’S PAST IS REVEALED — Elena (Nina Dobrev) puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about Katherine’s past and what her own future may hold. Knowing that Stefan (Paul Wesley) would never agree to her plan, Elena swears Caroline (Candica Accola) to secrecy. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) uses a new-found confidant to help him try to discover the real purpose and power of the moonstone. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) meet Luka (guest star Bryton James), a new student with a surprising family history.

The Vampire Diaries