Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand december heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: December 1-3: I Was Feeling Festive (Arielle, Candice, Chris Daniel, Danielle’s, Ian, Jenny, Kaylee, Kayla, Michael, Paul, Nate, Nina, Riley, Sara, Torrey, Quincy Zach )
http//: December 2: SDDS CCXP23 (Joseph)
http//: December 3: 3rd Annual Academy Museum Gala (Phoebe)
http//: December 4: ‘Leave The World Behind’ NYC Screening (Zach)
http//: December 7: Scanlan Theodore Summer Launch Event (Phoebe)
http//: December 9: SNL afterparty (Nina)
http//: December 11: Visits Gutenberg! The (Best) Musical (Ever) (Nina)

Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand november heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: November 3: The Kelly Clarkson Show (Kat)
http//: November 6: 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards (Nina)
http//: November 7: Glamour Women Of The Year 2023 With Presenting Sponsor Xeomin (Kat)
http//: November 8: Visits SiriusXM (Ian)
http//: November 8: DuJour Media And Jason Binn Celebrate DuJour’s Cover Stars Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley (Ian & Paul)
http//: November 9: Planet Omega Exhibition Opening Party (Paul)
http//: November 9: The Kelly Clarkson Show (Ian)
http//: November 11: 2023 Baby2Baby Gala (Phoebe)
http//: November 13: “Common Ground” DC Premiere (Ian)
http//: November 15: ‘Seasons Of You’ Book Singning in L.A. (Kat)
http//: November 16: Jack Daniel’s & Friends F1 Weekend event (Nina)
http//: November 18: F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas (Nina)
http//: November 20: Saks and Christian Dior Holiday display unveiling at Saks Fifth Avenue (Nina)
http//: November: Life is Priceless Foundation GalaAvenue (Arielle & Zach)

Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand oktober heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: October 1: Forever Mystic Falls Fan Meet 2 (Ian & Paul)
http//: Oktober 1: Mert Alas And Seventy One Gin Celebrate PFW With Secret Party (Paul)
http//: October 2-5: One Young World 2023 Belfast Summit(Kat)
http//: October 4: “Common Ground” Austin Screening (Ian)
http//: October 12: Reformation and Camille Rowe collaboration dinner and cocktail party (Phoebe)
http//: October 13-15: Vampire Fan Weekend Chicago (Candice, Charles, Daniel, Josehp, Riley, Quincy)
http//: Oktober 14-15: Long Hot Summer – The Time Tour in Italy (Kat)
http//: October 20: The Creative Community for Peace (CCFP) Ambassadors of Peace event (Kat)
http//: October 21-22: Long Hot Summer – The Time Tour in Liverpool (Kat)
http//: October 28: Vas Morgan and Michael Braun Halloween Party (Nina)
http//: October 28: Vas Morgan and Michael Braun Halloween Party (Paul)

Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand september heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: September 4: Maestro Dobel Tequila, First Official Tequila Of The U.S. Open (Paul)
http//: September 6: Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023 (Paul)
http//: September 7: Paige Store Opening in Nashville (Candice)
http//: September 7: Cultured and Veronica De Piante kick off fashion week (Phoebe)
http//: September 9: Frame Dinner Party (Phoebe)
http//: September 9: New York Fashion Week – Khaite Fashion Show (Phoebe)
http//: September 9: Vice President Kamala Harris Honors 50th Anniversary Of Hip-Hop (Kat)
http//: September 14: Chanel and W Magazine Dinner celebrating the Sofia Coppola Archive (Phoebe)
http//: September 15-17: Vampire Fan Weekend DC (Candice, Daniel, Ian, Michael, Paul & Riley)
http//: September 18 Rosario Dawson and Ian Somerhalder Host DC Screening of Upcoming Documentary ‘Common Ground’ (Ian & Paul)
http//: September 26: x September Letters Dinner in Collaboration with TOMS (Paul)
http//: September 28: Clooney Foundation For Justice’s “The Albies” (Nina)

Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand augustus heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: August 7: STLV 57-Year Mission Convention (Paul)
http//: August 10: Opening Night Of The 19th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival (Kaylee)
http//: August 17-20: Always and Forever Con 2023 (Charles, Chris, Claire, Daniel, Joseph, Leah, Phoebe, Riley, Sebastian & Summer)
http//: August 20: “El Mago Pop” Broadway Opening Night (Danielle)
http//: August 25-26: Vampire Fan Weekend New Orleans (Charles, Ian, Joseph, Michael, Paul & Quincy)
http//: August 26: TIAH 5th Anniversary Soiree (Kayla)

Hierbij een overzicht van alle events die de cast in de maand juli heeft bijgewoond!

Galerij Links:
http//: July 4: Paris Fashion Week – Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 show (Phoebe)
http//: July 12: Good Morning America (Nina)
http//: July 13: British Vogue x Self Portrait summer party (Phoebe)
http//: July 13: DuJour Magazine’s summer cover celebration (Nina)
http//: July 14-16: Vampire Fan Weekend Orlando (Candice, Charles, Daniel, Ian Michael, Paul & Riley)
http//: July 18: Expedia Group’s One Key launch event (Nina)
http//: July 20: “Here Lies Love” Broadway Opening Night (Danielle)
http//: July 27: Chopra Foundation #WE THE FUTURE (Kat)
http//: July 28-30: GalaxyCon Raleigh (Ian, Paul & Zach)

Outtakes van de laatste promotieshoots voor Ian en Paul’s Bourbonmerk staan in de galerij.

Galerij Links:
http//: Promotionshoot (2022)
http//: Promotionshoot (2023)

Ian en Paul staan op de cover van Dujour Magazine met een nieuwe fotoshoot door fotograaf Guy Aroch.

Galerij Links:
http//: Guy Aroch (DuJour)
http//: November 8: DuJour Media And Jason Binn Celebrate DuJour’s Cover Stars Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley

Bond of Brothers
Co-stars and friends Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley come together to launch new liquor brand Brother’s Bond

Hollywood is not necessarily a town known for everlasting friendships.

Still, somehow, the actors Ian Somerhalder, 44, and Paul Wesley, 41, made it through eight seasons of bloodsucking on The Vampire Diaries and they still want to hang out every day. What’s more, they now work even longer hours every week together.

“We hooked up when we got fitted for our fangs,” says Somerhalder of a pre-production meeting in March 2009 for the CW series, which ended in 2017. “These were perfectly fitted acrylic fangs that didn’t come off easily.”

“You had to be careful in a scene,” says Wesley. “You were supposed to just pretend that you were biting people.”

“If you connected, it was gnarly,” adds Somerhalder (who’s married to another on-screen vampire, Nikki Reed).

Somerhalder knew the show was going to be a hit thanks to the Twilight craze sweeping the globe. The series lasted so long that the fangs eventually became visual effects, rather than physical props.

But in the beginning, at the fitting, Wesley wasn’t so sure.
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It’s been four years since Ian Somerhalder last sank his teeth into an acting role and the dad of two has no regrets about leaving Hollywood behind. He opened up to E! News about his passion projects.

To listen to Ian Somerhalder describe the bucolic slice of paradise he shares with wife Nikki Reed, their two kids and a menagerie of 18 pets (both farm-related and domestic) far outside of the city, it’s pretty easy to understand why they put their beachside Los Angeles home on the market and never looked back.

“Walking through the farm with kids and dogs and family,” the actor detailed in an exclusive chat with E! News, “every stop, you’re pulling off of trees or off of bushes, pulling up out of the ground and feeding everyone as you’re moving through the farm.”

At their expansive spread, the parents to 6-year-old daughter and a 5-month-old son, grow lavender, rosemary and cucumbers, cruise through the fields with their cows on a halter and tend to the mini donkeys that protect their collection of goats from coyotes and other predators.

“It is a lot of work,” he acknowledged of farm living. But there are more than a few payoffs. “It’s unbelievable when you see these amazing creature life forms,” he marveled, “and how they all live on the farm together is really special.” Read More

Ian en Paul waren 2 maanden geleden te gast bij de Canadese Talkshow The Morning Show om te praten over Brother’s Bond.

Ian’s vrouw Nikki heeft enkele dagen geleden via instagram stories laten weten dat zij en Ian enkele weken geleden trotse ouders zijn geworden van een jongen. In het bericht laat ze niets los over de geboortedatum of naam van haar zoon, en geeft ze voornamelijk aan dat ze veel waarde hecht aan de privacy van haar kinderen.