Ian en Paul waren op 19 mei aanwezig op The CW Upfronts After Party.

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Er gaan geruchten de ronde dat Paul Wesley in het geheim is getrouwd met zijn vriendin van 3 jaar, Torrey DeVitto. Het tweetal kent elkaar van de film “Killer Movie”, waar zij beide een rol in hadden.

Paul Wesley has secretly tied the knot with his girlfriend, Pretty Little Liars actress Torrey DeVitto, Life & Style reports.

The 28-year-old Vampire Diaries star and Torrey, 26, recently got married during a ceremony in NYC.

Torrey has also reportedly been spotted sporting a canary yellow diamond and a wedding band on the set of her ABC Family series.

Paul and Torrey, who co-starred in 2007’s Killer Movie, have been dating for more than three years.

TV Fanatic: Interview met Paul Wesley – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Paul Wesley was op 21 november aanwezig op de “Elling” Broadway Opening Night in NYC.

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Paul Wesley was op 18 november aanwezig op het Symmetry Spins event in NYC.

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Micheal en Steven waren op 16 oktober ook nog aanwezig op het WNG Night bij het Chronicle of The Curse Haunted House in Chigago. En Ian en Paul waren gisteren aanwezig bij de Hot Topic Mall Tour in Miami.

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Paul heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad met Wonderland Magazine. Hij staat tevens ook in de oktober editie van het blad.

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The Vampire Diaries was one of my favorites from last season, prominently standing out as one of the best new shows in a crowded pack. Last season ended on a huge cliffhanger and this season brings a lot of surprises. There are supernatural beings and twists and turns that I’m not going to spoil for you. However, I can say that everyone is in for a treat because the premiere is absolutely amazing. And if you haven’t watched the first season, seriously, the show is out on DVD, what are you waiting for? At Comic Con, I spoke with the cast and producers of The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley talked about playing the darker side of Stefan, what his motivations are for the upcoming season and how is relationship with his super sexy brother Damon is going to change.

In season 2, how does Damon and Stefans’s relationship change?
From my perspective, for me, I’m broken hearted by my brother because as sociopathic and religious as he is, I still love him, and he knows that as well. I think at this point Stefan — he doesn’t empathize as much or care. He’s like “You know what, I’m not going to deal with this guy.”

What do you think Stefan’s motivations are for season 2?
Elena, Elena, Elena, Elena…he loves her. Also, coming to terms with himself — sort of the transformation. Season 2 is going to be a lot of acceptance for Stefan, being like “this is who I am.” He’s going to do other things. Be jovial. I think it will be nice. Read More

Hier is een on set interview met Paul Wesley waarin o.a. gesproken word over Damon’s kus met Elena en Stefan’s reactie daarop.

I was on set in Atlanta with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder while they shot some emotional scenes between the brothers – including the scene you see in the trailer below, where Damon fills Stefan in on that fateful kiss.

On a break from filming, Paul sat down to talk to me about Stefan’s head space when he finds out that Damon kissed Elena – or at least, the girl he thought was Elena.

“Oh, the kiss. Stefan’s first reaction is, ‘I’m going to kill you. Like I am going to literally kill you, rip you apart. This is my beautiful girl. This is the love of my life. Stay the hell away,’” Wesley says.
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Ik heb alle promotiefoto’s toegevoegd van Paul’s films zoals Killer Movie en Fallen.

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