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KTLA interviews – Scream Awards

Candice Accola interview met Popwrap

oktober 10, 2010   Candice King, Interviews

Not since Francie’s evolution to The Francinator during the second season of “Alias” has an actor been asked to take their character on such a 180 degree journey. Thankfully for “Vampire Diaries” fans, making Caroline Forbes a vampire hasn’t also turned her into a horrible she-beast that must be destroyed. It has instead taken a […]

TV Fanatic interview met Candice & Ian

september 30, 2010   Candice King, Ian Somerhalder, Interviews

What has changed for Damon? I think that what’s sort of thrown Damon for a loop is what he said at the end of the finale, “I came to this town wanting to destroy it and everything in it, and now I find myself wanted to protect it.” How the hell does that happen? I […]

Ian over de dingen die Damon belangrijk vind

september 30, 2010   Ian Somerhalder, Interviews

There’s no denying that both Salvatore brothers on “The Vampire Diaries” are good-looking and charming enough to make a girl forget about the whole blood-sucking dilemma. But while Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) idea of a romantic evening involves making out on a Ferris wheel after hours, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has a different way of showing Elena […]

Wie verhuist er naar Mystic Falls?

september 22, 2010   Interviews

By the end of the season, HBO’s True Blood left Bon Temps infested with vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, shape shifters, shamans, fairies and witches. I asked the cast of The Vampire Diaries, which is bringing werewolves to Mystic Falls, what other creatures they’d like to see terrorize their town. Ian Somerhalder (Damon): “Morena Baccarin’s lizard alien […]

Zap2It on set interview met Ian

september 2, 2010   Ian Somerhalder, Interviews

Candice Accola interview

september 2, 2010   Candice King, Interviews

Hier is een interview met Candice Accola, volgens haar zullen de fans van TVD enthausiast zijn over seizoen 2. Early in The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was the bitch. There’s no other way to put it. But as the rookie season progressed, something interesting happened with Caroline, who is played by Candice Accola. Over time, Caroline […]

Amazon.co.uk interview met Ian

september 2, 2010   Ian Somerhalder, Interviews

Sara Canning interview

september 2, 2010   Interviews, Sara Canning

In een interview vertelt Sara Cannning over seizoen 2 en volgens haar is de gehele cast enthousiast over seizoen 2! Sherwood Park’s got its very own blood sucker, and she’s getting stronger by the day. Well, OK, she’s not a vampire, but Sara Canning, a Sherwood Park native, is about to start taping the second […]

Nina over haar dubbelrol in TVD

augustus 30, 2010   Interviews, Nina Dobrev

Nina had het met TV Guide over haar dubbelrol in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, sinds ze aankomend seizoen zowel de rol van Elena als die van Katherine vertolkt. Nina Dobrev is working twice as hard on CW’s Vampire Diaries, playing both Elena and Katherine this season. “I’m not sleeping because I’ve been shooting so much, if […]

Candice @ That Morning Show

augustus 30, 2010   Appereances, Candice King, Interviews

Courtney Ford over haar personages

augustus 30, 2010   Interviews, The Vampire Diaries

Actrice Courtney Ford heeft het in een interview over haar personages in seizoen 2 van TVD. Zo zal ze universtiteit studente Vanessa Monroe gaan spelen, die Alaric, Damon en Elena zal hebben met research naar Isobel. Courtney Ford isn’t afraid of blood. Ford spilled plenty of the red stuff this past season on Dexter as […]

Nina: ‘Elena heeft vast dromen gehad over Damon’

augustus 28, 2010   Interviews, Nina Dobrev

  As if “The Vampire Diaries”heroine Nina Dobrev didn’t have enough on her plate. Last season, her character Elena was torn between two of the hottest vampires broadcast television has ever seen. This year, Nina’s got her own set of fangs as she gears up to bring Katherine Pierce, Elena’s evil vampire doppelganger, back to […]

TVGuide interview met Taylor Kinney

augustus 28, 2010   Interviews

TVGuide heeft een interview gehad met Taylor Kinney, de acteur speelt in het tweede seizoen de rol van Mason Lockwood. Don’t get a Lockwood angry. You won’t like them when they’re angry. In The Vampire Dairies‘ September 9 premiere, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) is surprised to see his long-absent, black sheep of the family Uncle […]

Steven R. MCQueen – Dave FM interview

augustus 28, 2010   Interviews, Steven R. McQueen

Steven R. McQueen praat in een interview op het radiostation Dave FM over zijn nieuwste film ‘Pirahna 3D’.