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november 7, 2023   Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Kat’s boek verschijnt 14 november   Boeken, Diverse, Katerina Graham

Kat Graham heeft een boek geschreven genaamd Seasons Of You, deze zal op 14 november uitkomen en is al te bestellen via Bol.com

Embark on a journey toward self-reflection, growth, and empowerment through the ever-changing seasons of your life with this illustrated guided journal from actress, music artist, and humanitarian Kat Graham.

After years of trying to create her dream life, actress Kat Graham found that no matter how much she tried to plan her future and control her circumstances, she was still left feeling frustrated, disappointed, and unfulfilled. Then she had a realization: In life, things rarely go according to plan. We go through highs and lows, and the only thing we have control over is how we choose to move through it. So, she learned to let go; to face the challenges and embrace the beauty in being present.

Inspired by her personal healing journey, this guided journal allows you to be more present and grounded through the sunshine, the storms, the blooming flowers, and the falling leaves in your life. Seasons of You is divided into four sections based on the seasons of the year, and you can begin this journal wherever you are in your own journey.

Whether you are feeling the empowering and awakening nature of Summer; the sense of release, surrender, and radical change associated with Fall; the focus on reflection and intention in the Winter; or the flexibility and new beginnings that Spring often brings, this unique journal is a source of comfort and guidance amid the unpredictability of our lives.

With reflection exercises, meditations, affirmation prompts, manifestation guides, and more, all framed by Kat’s personal stories, this beautifully illustrated journal helps you connect with your emotions, embrace the natural cycles of your life, and lean into your higher power.

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