Micheal Trevino aka Tyler Lockwood praat met TV Fanatic over zijn rol en diens verleden.

While Katherine will be the main focus of The Vampire Diaries this fall, viewers shouldn’t forget about Michael Trevino’s Tyler.

As previously reported, this character’s family, background and inner rage will be on full display in the fall. Trevino spoke with TV Fanatic this week about the transformations ahead for Tyler…

Throughout season one, Tyler was a hot-tempered human. How excited are you to be a supernatural character?
There’s going to be more storylines, and it’ll show a different side of Tyler. Like you said, all of season one it showed how hot-headed he was, snapping at everybody. Not only that, but for me to be get into the supernatural element and find out the lineage of these werewolves and such, it’s gonna be, not a hard task, but something to look forward to. There wasn’t much of Tyler going on in season one, so they want to throw all of these projects at me now for the new season. I’m ready for it!
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Op de website van het blad Nylon is een fashion video van Katerina’s nummer ‘Sassy’ verschenen. De officiëlle muziekclip komt nog later dit seizoen.

Er zijn meer outtakes verschenen van Nina’s fotoshoot voor het tijdschrift Saturday Night Magazine door Bobby Quillard. Klik op lees meer om het Nina’s interview met het blad te lezen.

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http//: Bobby Quillard

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Outtakes van Katherina’s fotoshoot met 944 Magazine zijn verschenen. Hopelijk verschijnen er snel meer van deze prachtige shoot.

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http//: 944 Magazine

Ik heb alle promotiefoto’s toegevoegd van Paul’s films zoals Killer Movie en Fallen.

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http//: Paul Wesley – Films

Er is een nieuwe fotoshoot verschenen van Nina door fotograaf Jake Bailey.

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http//: Jake Bailey

De eerste afleveringsstills van seizoen 2 zijn verschenen, 8 MQ foto’s van 2×01 The Return staan in de galerij.

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http//: 2×01 The Return

Afgelopen zondag waren de Teen Choice Awards in Amerika. Ian, Katerina, Nina en Paul waren hierbij aanwezig. TVD heeft in totaal 7 awards gewonnen die avond!

* TV: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show (The Vampire Diaries)
* TV: Breakout Show (The Vampire Diaries)
* TV: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actress (Nina Dobrev)
* TV: Female Breakout Star (Nina Dobrev)
* TV: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor (Paul Wesley)
* TV: Male Breakout Star (Paul Wesley)
* TV: Villain (Ian Somerhalder)

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http//: 2010 Teen Choice Awards Portraits
http//: August 8: Arriving at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards
http//: August 8: 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Hier verschillende video van de cast tijdens de Teen Choice Awards.

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Hier het volledige interview van Ian, Nina & Paul met T4. Tijdens het interview vertellen ze over de serie, vergelijken ze TVD met Twilight en bijt Ian de presentator.

“Fringe” ster Joshua Jackson heeft het tijdens de Comic Con afgelopen maand met bedenkers van TVD over een mogelijke gastrol gehad in ‘The Vampire Diaries’! Joshua kent bedenkers Julie Plec en Kevin Williamson van zijn serie ‘Dawsons Creek’.

This. Is. Amazing. “Fringe” star Joshua Jackson, who worked with “The Vampire Diaries” co-creators Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson on “Dawson’s Creek,” confirms to E! Online that he spoke with them at Comic-Con about coming on board for a possible “Diaries” guest role.

Pacey in Mystic Falls? Excuse me; my inner 13-year-old just died and went to teen drama heaven. (It’s a place filled with love triangles, angsty emo-pop, and long, pensive gazes across high school classrooms.)

Jackson might need some convincing before he agrees to the role. “It turns out that [Williamson] is not making a comedy with ‘The Vampire Diaries,’” he jokes. “I think it would be more sort of like ‘Inside Baseball’ comedy if I popped up, but who knows. Maybe we’ll take Pacey for a little light-hearted bloodsucking. We’re all family, here.”

I know. It’s almost too much awesomeness to handle right now. Are you feeling a little lightheaded? You’ll want to make sure you’re sitting down when you watch Jackson’s impression of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley‘s brooding CW vampires. “They’re all too handsome,” Jackson says.

He also weighs in on the incredible response he’s received from fans of Pacey-Con. “I’ve spent years and years of my life trying to scrub that song out of my memory, and after walking around playing it on a boombox all day, I have been humming ‘I Don’t Want to Wait’ to myself, which is both creepy for me, having been on that show, and so addictive.”

Ik ben gisteren begonnen aan de groep appereances van 2009. Zo’n 900 foto’s in 19 albums zijn te bewonderen in de galerij!

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Ian Somerhalder was op 24 Juli aanwezig op The Nerd Party by Zachary Levi . En ik heb alle foto’s toegevoegd van de tv series waarin hij te zien was zoals ‘Lost’ en ‘Smalville.’

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http//: July 24: The Nerd Party by Zachary Levi
http//: TV Series

Ik heb de nieuwste twitter foto’s van Candice, Ian & Nina toegevoegd in de galerij.

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http//: Twitter foto’s (2010) – Candice
http//: Twitter foto’s (2009) – Ian
http//: Twitter foto’s (2010) – Ian
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